Exclusive Interview With The Ceo Don Sylvester Records

Can we meet you?

My Name is Chief Nweke Sylvester Chinedu, Eze Ndi Igbo of Mende-Lagos, Ure Avueze II of Ozalla Nkanu West LG Enugu State.

How was your growing up like

I was born by Alhaji Okonkwo Nweke
(Ichie Osinachi) and Princess Christiana Ogbeyeanu Nweke daughter of Ataida 1 of Igala Land. I grew up like everyother child from a wealthy family. However, I lost my father early in 1991 and was thereafter raised by my Billionaire uncle Chief Nwokafor Nweke (Eze Udo 1 of Nkanu land), Ohamadike of Umudioka Orlu.

Tell us about your educational Background?

I started my primary education at Community primary school Iheowerre Nsukka but had to complete it at Community Primary School Amigbo Ishi Ozalla. Thereafter, I attended the prestigious Boys’ High School Ozalla and again completed my secondary education at St Theresa’s Secondary School Nsukka.

In 1994, I gained admission into Enugu State University of science and Technology(Esut) where i obtained a BSC in Sociology and Anthropology.

In my quest to know and serve God, I attended Revival Christian Academy Bible school where i became the Best grauduating student of my set.

In 2017 I took the Supernumary Police Training at Police College Ikeja Lagos where I also bagged the awards of Best in Academy (Basic Course) and Best in Academy (Refresher Course) subsequently, I became the G1 of my course group and currently, a Deputy Superintendent of Police(DSP).

Can you give us a little introduction to Don Sylvester Records?

Don Sylvester Records is a Record Label know as DSR, for short. It debuted in 2017 and has since blossomed into a brand noted for its Mastery of Production, Mixing and Mastering of Music, Production of Videos, (both Musical and Home Videos), Music distribution, Mixtapes, Video plugging etc Our studio is located at the Mainland, No 5 Balogun street Ajoa Estate Anthony By Merryland. We offer private and commercial services. Since it’s debut in 2017, DSR has Signed a number of artists. We are however, willing to sign more artists as long as they are good and /or have sponsors. This is in line with our policy on Youth empowerment.

It is pertinent to note that Don Sylvester Records is not just solely a money making venture, it is also designed to empower the Nigerian youth.

How many artists have you signed up in DSR?

We have officially, 7 signed Artists and about 20 more on our awaiting list who are still under consideration.

How are their performances so far?

Very good. They are very talented and skilled on dishing out good music however, DSR is doing a lot of work in polishing their talent and skills and ensuring that they are brought up to the best and current international standards. It gives us immense pleasure to get them raw and make good out of them. They are learning very fast…You know its a process.

What motivated you to sign them into your Music Label?

My motivation has always come from the desire to assist Youths, and to make good out of them, especially the talented ones. As the Youth Director in Diaspora, National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) and a philanthropist, I am geared to help the youths.

Is there any remarkable hits so far from DSR artistes?

Yes. It is my pleasure to inform you that DSR has very remarkable hits some of which are:
1. CORRECT by Adams Swag.
2.DSR MONEY by DSR All Stars.
3.Jingle Bell by DSR All Stars.
4.Don Go Pay by Caften.

DSR is currently cooking up other hits which are about to drop very soon. Some of them are:
1. Issabella by Adam Swag, featuring Pipper and Maxi.
2. If I Say Go by Caften to mention a few.
3. Magas by Adams Swag.
4. Nmasinachi and Chinasa by Adams Swag.
5. You can’t kill my vibes and That’s how we roll by K west.
6. Mata by Maxi Young.
7. Igba Ndi Nze by Links to mention a few.

What distinguishes Don Sylvester Records from other Record Labels?

First, at Don Sylvester Records, we don’t do drugs. We do good Music because we push our selves to reach for excellence. Also, our policy of assisting the youths by Signing and promoting at their talents, Offering of free studio session to the artists on our awaiting list, the ability to take youths off the streets, then make them good Ambassadors like Dr. Agba and Owolabi, Carrying everyone along both Artist and staff, being a Man of the people…People before profit etc, these are some of the qualities which makes endeared DSR with its shinning and outstanding qualities.

How many years have you been into this business ?

In Music, 2years plus. However, in Film production (Nollywood) we have been in the business for 7 years.

So far so good, what are your challenges in the business?

Well, betrayal from artists and staff is paramount. Also, it’s a really daunting task to choose artists as all of them are very good. Another serious challenge is the practice of “Eyes service” from my homies.

Music promotion is capital intensive in Nigeria, How do you intend bringing their passion into limelight?

We do our best.. “Killing ent good but somebody have to do the Job” We have enough money to promote our artists, We are made Guys.

Tell us, what is the biggest mistake you have ever made?

Trusting people and thinking we are on the same page.

The Don Sylvester Records was founded with the goal of helping small underground artists. How has the label maintained that philosophy?

Every Artist we signed is from scratch…that is why we have signed 7 artists and 20 more are standing-by within a short interval and more are still coming, there is no Record Label in Nigeria that does that except Don Sylvester Records.

Who are some of your most successful artiste you’ve worked with so far?

All of them are successful. However, Adam Swag has stepped ahead of others because we agreed to push him more than the others otherwise, Caften is very good.
K west
Links etc

In 2018 you expanded your business model to become a showbiz promoter, Can you tell us about that?

We needed to be heard everywhere then we started doing everything to make it possible including Show biz promotion

These days, do artists/bands need to be developed and established before you sign them?

Remember we are geared for helping the youths so we catch them young and raw. Gold is dug out black and raw then you refine it to become Gold. If you are developed and established, then you dont need us, all that glitters is not gold. Remember that it is only the sick who needs a doctor, we take them as they are and make good out of them.

What kind of strategy does DSR Label use to promote their music?

Online shootdown, International and Local music distribution..Radio and Television plug ins. Friends rebroadcasts, Sponsored adverts, Shows, club tours, media, news etc.. However we are more connected outside the country but the main secret cannot be shared here that’s our trade secret and essentially what makes us different.

If you sign an artist to DSR. What happens next? Can you give us a general overview?

If you are signed with DSR, most times, you get a car or use the office cars. We provide accommodation for you, Pay you an allowance, make free Music audio and videos for you, Promote your music etc…However, its different strokes for different folks.

What do you feel are the other elements an artist needs to have as part of their product to go out there and pitch it?

Humility, Honesty and respect. Be God fearing and stay away from drugs.

Why does most Record Label Owners attain success but find it difficult to sustain it?

Because they spend more than their budget and live a fake life. They are arrogant and unteachable, Proud and vain. More importantly unforgiveness for erring artists eats up record Label owners like Cancer.

Have you received any Award to your credit, if yes name them?

I have received a lot of awards from different firms, institutions and companies..Let me mention a few
City People award, Actors Guild of Nigeria award, Nigeria Union of Journalists Award, Accolades Award, NYSC Award, Nsukka Entertainment Award, National Youth Council of Nigeria awards, Institute of Management and Technology Students Award, Unilag Students Awards, Fashion Week Award, Police Award etc. When I get to my Award gallary, I will copy them one by one and send. They are too many to quote of hand.

If your startup succeeds, what additional areas might you be able to expand into?

TV Station. I’m about to own the biggest Television Station in Africa. We have started online and doing other homework very soon we will launch…
It’s called DSR TV.

What competition do you fear most?

Nothing, we are not in any competition with any one. My only fear is remaining a Billionaire…I want to enter the league of Trillonaires that’s what i will call my competition or fear.

You are constantly too busy, how do you create time for your family?

I’m around my family. They keep me busy, other things that keep people busy i dont consider it being busy.
My Family is first.

What motivates you to keep going?

The Hope for a better tomorrow and the fact that God has got my back.

*What advice can you give to emerging artists who are trying to break into the music business?

Keep working hard and stay out of drugs ,hustle go pay one day,Persistence overcomes resistance.

Thanks for being part of our Hiptopjamz online series! Anything else you’d like to add?

Let Love lead and Let God be praised at all times.

One word for Hiptopjamz?

God Bless Hiptopjamz!

Ceo Don Sylvester Records

Ceo Don Sylvester Records at Nsukka Got Talent Show/Nsukka Entertainment Award night

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