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​The entertainment we knew back then is no longer the entertainment we know today,lots of things have changed.For  you  to shine up now,you need a maximum hustle and hard work never neglecting prayers,,cause Grace is the only thing that can do the magic.

Well, about the street and how boys survives,, we hustle on a daily basis  knowing what’s  good and bad and also knowing the best time to apply them.”Street is strick” i don’t think is a place for mumsy nigis, there is a clear difference between one being Wise and one being street wise.

U can be Wise and only know how to handle things that relates with you..but if you are street wise,,you can handle things that goes beyond that.

As you can see now, everybody don dey claim street,,so you can rate their sense of reasoning high.. (Even the Ajibutters,,some dont even know how the street looks like) they just claim to be street cause they see the street nigis always booming in a different way.

You are still in your mums house,eating your mums food and you call your self a street nigi,,,Oh Bro stop that shit,,you  ain’t among us,,cause the street take care of their bills.Move out of your comfort zone and success will be the next thing..

Well, life here in USA is not just as easy as you think,here is like a new dimension of hustle different from my previous.When u talk about USA you are already talking about hustlers zone,,much population,you will see everybody minding he/her business,,people with different dreams and different ways of achieving it.

If you talk about Entertainment,, here u will see all kinds of talent and trust me they are all dope.But i must say it wasn’t fun the first week i entered the country, no friends yet,no fellow dream chasers yet..and the environment was trying to sink me down. All i did was to enter the street knowing i can survive as son of the street,,that was where i mate a lot of real Gee’s that I flew together with.And before u know it,,i started dancing to the tune.

Well i must say i love USA,the way they do their things are really impressive,,,, is a competitive ground thou, so i dont think anybody there have any reason to settle for less and I’m glad because I never knew that all this while i was in d east hustling and dropping jams that my songs are coming up here.

I was so shocked at a club when i was introduced on stage, mehn the result was something else,,i cant even tell how it all happened…but i know is God all the way,, it was a massive turn up.


No be small thing oo,,Now all my fans are on my neck urging me to drop something fresh for them.They wana know what I’m up to this year…but if i should give u an expo of it,,,(U should expect fire). Earlier on my social media handles,,i have already drop a cue of what the song is all about.

Sk Boy

This time we wana talk about the ladies (Love ish),,but u can imagine when the street is in love oh.


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Gangster Shit

Little Swag nwa

Respect to I am glad to be part of this family. 

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