“JJC Skillz & Funke Cheated On Each Other, They Don’t Sleep In Same Room” – JJC Son, Benito

“JJC Skillz & Funke Cheated On Each Other, They Don’t Sleep In Same Room” – JJC Son, Benito

Crooner JJC Skillz son Benito came on Instagram Live and his followers asked him a lot of questions and he responded by opening a can of worms on his Daddy JJC and his step mum, actress Funke Akindele.
He was on a live video on instagram and he said a lot, digging out some secret about Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz marriage and more.

One of the viewers asked – Is your dad and Funke in good terms?

Benito said 👇🏻

Guys, they are not in good terms, they are not really together I’m telling you. They both cheat on each other. They had a fight, my dad is practically living somewhere else and I don’t even care about them.

I cannot speak for them, I can’t say if they are still a couple but I can only talk about what I have seen. So everyone knows the truth, I was not lying. I’m willing to speak up because I don’t know anybody so close to them that is willing to speak the truth .

I’m tired of the lies, the manipulations, the segregation I’m tired of all this shit I’m not here for it.

People who really know know. people don’t really know me that’s why they judge me. I don’t care who it is or what they are I’m not scared of anybody. I’m not scared to speak the truth, I’m not scared to do what I have to. Make everything right, I don’t mind because I’ll rather everyone know the truth about Funke.

I don’t want people to follow someone who is not good, that’s why I said that stuff on tiktok. I don’t like speaking about this to people ,I don’t like talking down on people but in doing this , it’s coming from my own experience which had been going on for two years.

I can’t be in the same house with someone who claims to love me and then threatened to kill me. They act like they care the most to me but just spread lies about me over the internet.

I can’t be with someone that threatened my mum and had been with me from day 1 whom my parents gave trust to.

Funke screaming at her workers is a norm for her, I have seen people go on their knees crying because she is not just bullying them She is making them feel small and little.

I woke up to go to school I saw Funke running around the house screaming and she was screaming at me ” your dad tried to steal away all the money from our company”.

I have a screenshot about her from her worker that I want to share and I can only relate to this because I have seen it.

1. She slaps her workers and call them names.

2. She enjoys treating people based on sentiments and benefits

3. She accuses people of dating my dad because she doesn’t trust anyone but guess what? she has also cheated on my dad.

4. She beat her PA Nicole one-day, Nicole was crying and wanted to leave but I don’t know why she changed her mind.

5. She always tell people not to be rude and disrespectful but she is rude and disrespectful especially to those who work for her.

She is not the kind of person she seems, she does the unthinkable. My dad cheats cool, They don’t sleep in the same room they haven’t been sleeping in the same room for two years. They have two separate rooms, Funke does whatever she wants, she goes out, hangs out with guys I know because my dad told me he wanted to go and investigate and he found out she was cheating.

The same day Funke was running around the house screaming, she damaged my dad in the face, ripped off his shirt,if I had the video that my dad took I will be showing it.

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