WOW!! See How Much Wizkid’s “Made In Lagos” Has Made In Less Than Two Years

WOW!! See How Much Wizkid’s “Made In Lagos” Has Made In Less Than Two Years

Wizkid’s fourth studio album, Made in Lagos, was released in October of 2020 and so far, the Afrobeats project has been an acclaimed success.
By the end of 2021, officially fourteen months after the release of the LP, the WizKid Team revealed that the album now had, as at that time garnered over 1.4 billion streams across major streaming platforms.

That figure is one of the biggest streaming figures we’ve ever seen in the Nigerian music industry, and it had so many people wondering how much exactly the Starboy might make from that number of streams.

The album was released during a global pandemic, and so there were no physical copies available.

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the estimated income WizKid will get from his 1.4B streams, based on pay-per-stream information gotten from various sources.

Different platforms pay different amounts as royalties to artists, based on different metrics only known to them. But there’s an average range of payment we can work with here. Let’s analyze the major platforms.

You Tube
YouTube has two different payout schemes, one for videos and one for YouTube Music. For videos, YouTube pays a meager average of $0.00069 per stream.

Wizkid, as of December 2021, had over 324,060,000 YouTube streams. This amounts to about $223,601.

Apple Music
Wizkid’s highest streams have come from this platform. Apple Music also pays an average of $0.006 per stream. This means from the 410,150,000 streams Made in Lagos got on Apple Music, Wizkid can get up to $2,460,000.

Wizkid remains one of the most-streamed Nigerian artists on Spotify. Made in Lagos, as at the last stats update, had over 312,700,000 streams on the platform. With an average pay of $0.032, WizKid will get an estimated $10,006,400 from the platform.

AudioMack is the most popular platform in Nigeria currently. According to some sources, they pay about $10 for every 5000 streams.

That is, MIL’s 313,700,000+ streams should bring WizKid nothing less than $627,400.

While there is no real info about how much Boomplay pays per stream, using AudioMack’s average pay to calculate, WizKid might get about $97,400 from Boomplay.

How Much In Total?
There are other platforms like Tidal and Pandora, but since we don’t have any information on them, we will leave them out for now. Also, the streams we used in calculating is the last update for December 2021. The streams have increased since then.

Anyway, since that’s out of the way, adding everything together, “Made in Lagos” should’ve made an estimated amount of $13,414,801.

Converted into Naira using the official N381 rate, this would mean WizKid’s Made In Lagos has made an estimated N5,111,039,181 (yes, that’s five billion!)

Calculating using the black market rate of N478, the estimated income of “Made in Lagos” from streams alone would be about N6.4B. This is nothing but madness!

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