Women Staying At R. Kelly’s House Now Pursuing Acting And Modelling Careers

According to a report from Page Six, R. Kelly’s live-in girlfriends are now venturing out into the entertainment business and have hired agents who are now promoting them as “high-profile clientele” on account of their relationship with the controversial singer.

TMZ reports that representatives for Joycelyn Savage, 23, and Azriel Clary, 21, are searching for employment that’ll help them with their image. Moreover, the two women are looking for jobs in a number of different fields, primarily acting modeling and acting, but also possibly a business opportunity of some sort as well.

Reportedly, the women were just teenagers when they first became involved with Kelly, but they claim their relationship with him was entirely consensual and there was never any pressure to stay with him contrary to some reports.

For years, their parents have been claiming that R. Kelly “brainwashed” them and therefore, the two girls are trying to get new jobs that’ll help wash away such a perception.

The rep wrote an email to talent agencies that both girls want to get a “positive name” for themselves, rather than all of the rumors which have been circulating lately.

As it was previously reported, both Savage and Clary have stood up for the embattled singer, claiming in an interview with Gayle King on CBS that he didn’t hold them hostage as others have stated. Moreover, reports claim the two aforementioned women will show up to his hearing in Brooklyn federal court.

Lawyers for the singer stated to the entertainment news outlet that Savage and Clary are trying to protect him. Followers of the case know that recently, members of R. Kelly’s inner circle gave up approximately 20 videotapes of the singer having sexual relations with minors. However, it’s not entirely certain what is on the tapes.

Ever since Lifetime released Surviving R. Kelly near the beginning of the year, the singer’s downfall was precipitous, with a cascade of social media users as well as entertainment industry figures such as Lady Gaga and John Legend calling for Kelly’s arrest

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