Will Brymo’s Album, “Theta” Bring The Talented Artist Back To The Limelight?

Will Brymo’s Album, “Theta” Bring The Talented Artist Back To The Limelight?

The story of Brymo is a very complicated one.
The story of his rise to stardom under Chocolate City and his consequent fall due to legal battles is one that is very well-known in the industry today.

For one, it’s a proof that you can have it all and then lose it all. But more than anything, his incredible resilience is a much bigger motivation for artists who were once hot but are now forgotten.

For about nine years now, Brymo has been trying to prove something. He’s been trying to prove that all you need is the music. If you do the music right, the people will love you. And in all those years, only a select few people have taken him seriously. But that never stopped him though.

He would drop albums, organize concerts, and return to make more music. It’s been incredibly slow, but for the first time in almost a decade, it looks like the industry is paying attention to what Brymo is doing.

The last few weeks, he has been on the trend table and has been in some very crucial conversations. First, it was because his reputation as a good performer made it online when some people were saying Burna Boy was the best there is. Then later, it became a conversation about just how good Brymo’s music is.

Then, just a day ago, he got nominations for six Headies Awards! Six! That’s including an “Album of the Year” nod. Without hype, without high-budget music videos, without collaborations. Only Brymo can do that.

Coincidentally, his next album had already been scheduled for a May 27 release, so the buzz can’t hurt. The album, “Theta,” would be his tenth and maybe for the first time ever, the whole industry will get to hear what they’ve been missing.

Brymo is back! Although, technically, he never really left.

Do You Think Brymo Will Drop The Best Album This Year Ahead Of The Likes Of Davido?

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