Which Nigerian Artiste Do You Think Can Never Win A Grammy?

Which Nigerian Artiste Do You Think Can Never Win A Grammy?

It’s not so easy to win a Grammy o, you can ask Wizkid.
Nominated for two categories at the last Grammy’s, Wizkid went home with a total of zero. Now everyone can understand why Burna Boy was crying and throwing up when he didn’t win in 2019.

Besides Burna Boy who won the Global Music Award category and WizKid who won for Best Music Video alongside Beyonce, no other Nigerian has won a Grammy.

It’s not just a huge standard in the music industry because it’s a foreign award, but because of how rare it is for Nigerians to win the Award. The Kuti family have all gotten nominations in the past years and none of them have won.

So yeah, if an artist can do something impressive enough to win a Grammy besides Burna Boy and WizKid, then that person is going to work twice as hard honestly.

But no doubt there are new artists that actually have the potential of winning the prestigious award one day. On the other hand, there are some artists that probably will never ever come close to even getting a nomination. I don’t need to mention names, we all know them.

So why don’t you tell us one artist you think can never win a Grammy even if they started sharing it for free. Personally, I’d say Davido. Because his music is just not international enough.

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