What’s Your Favourite Kizz Daniel Project?

What’s Your Favourite Kizz Daniel Project?

Kiss Daniel (or Kizz Daniel as he’s currently known) is one of the most talented and hottest artists of this era.
For over seven years, Kizz has continued to prove himself as one of the most important personalities in the music industry, especially in the ever-growing afro-pop genre.

Kizz currently has three albums (“New Era,” “No Bad Songz,” “King of Love”) and one EP (“Barnabas”), the first of which he dropped under the G-Worldwide umbrella in 2016.

Of all his projects, two of his most critically acclaimed remain “New Era” of 2016, and his 2018 sophomore, “No Bad Songz.”

For some, “New Era” is his magnum opus, as it’s his first project, the one that established him as an important figure in this industry, and introduced us to his sound.

For some people, however, Kizz Daniel’s apparent growth in “No Bad Songz” is a pleasant delight. Some critics have even called NBS a pro version of the “New Era.”

But with recent development, “Barnabas” seemed to have topped all of his previous albums as his most enjoyable project. The 7-track EP which boasts of hits like “Pour Me Water” and “Oshe” is one of the most commercially successful EP’s in Nigerian music ever. The EP has racked in numbers that even albums like “A Better Time” haven’t. This means only one thing; the EP has mad replay value!

Then there are a few people (like me) who think people slept on his 2020 album, “King of Love.” The album is actually a very good project and had mad hits too. From “Jaho,” to “Ada,” to “Boys Are Bad,” it was a very good performance from Kizz Daniel.

Honestly, Kizz is good at everything he does. It’s very hard to decide which of his album is the best, so all we can just say is which one is our favorite. For me, that’s “King of Love.” But I’d like to hear yours.

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