Unusual Behavior Between My Step Brother And My Wife

Unusual Behavior Between My Step Brother And My Wife

After something happened nine months ago, I made the decision to remain silent or, more likely, to wait for the right moment to start my investigation so that I could learn the truth about what is happening between my stepbrother and my wife.
I’ve been married for nine years, and we have three children. My mother’s second son, my stepbrother, has behavioural issues.

He was married 13 years ago, but after his family moved to the USA, he later learned that his three children aren’t his, and the marriage ended that way. Ever since then, he’s been traumatised, both emotionally and in any other way you can think of. Everyone knows him for being bossy, vulgar, and controlling.

Sometimes in order to at least feel that children presence around him, he would ask me to have my children come over to his place for some days, and I could witness how that really helped him over time, but then I noticed the absence of his wife started making him familiarize with my wife in certain odd manners which I was not really down with.

For example, if he comes to our house, most times comes around with a friend, either female or male, my wife seems not to be the attache type who would sit with us in the living room, she will rather be upstairs in the room, I have witnessed cases where he will shout at her, saying how can everybody be here and ur there upstairs?

There was even a time when one of the visitors he came with sighed and made face in a way that defined, wow, “was that necessary”. Or times when he will ask her to cook stew for her, if she forgets or probably didnt want to do it because she knew it isnt her duty, she will be yelled upon, you’ll here things like, where is the egusi i told u to make, even the one you made last time, u didnt put enough this and that

Now yall might think am a dullard or a simp, or someone too relaxed as gentle and as patient as I am, I be original demon, if I start my madness, the result will end in eternal damage, and our family background from my mums side where this my brother was born, we tend to uphold unity over adversity, so when things like this occur, mum would rather have us calm and not fight so unity can continue.

So sometimes last year, the major issues started grooming that made me start to think if there was something going on with my step and my wife, it started with when the kids were with him, so madam and I were suppose to go for outing, so we decided to branch at his place to check up on the kids, on getting there while in his living room, he said to my wife “I like your hair” she responded thanks, he was like are u guys going out, I was like yea am taking her out, next thing she asked my madam, so when are we going on our own outing? I shrugged and didnt understand where that came from, though she didnt answer him.

While we were leaving, I was waiting for her to bring up the topic and put it to me that why did ur brother say such a thing, even if its a joke, its too expensive, but she didnt, I brought up the topic, and she was like shes surprised too that she never thought he would say such a thing.

5 days later, we had a family party in his house, my other brothers, cousins and my mum, my children were there, while the caterer were cooking outside, and we were all in his living room drinking, he opted to get some meat to dish and give everybody to at least be chewing something, he served it round but when it got to my wives turn, the one he already bit off from was what he gave her, funny thing is, it was only my mum and myself that saw the scene, my wife was not aware, that was when I knew something could be going on.

Afterwards, I put the ish through to my wife, she acted disgusted and said she cant blv he would do such, that although my mum already called her to say the same thing. So I asked details of what she discussed with my mum, she said my mum advised her that whenever he calls her, she shouldnt pick, that when he knows its obvious that shes avoiding his call, he probably would want to report to her, and then she will now break the silence of what she my wife have been experiencing with him thus her refusal to pick his call.

So I called my mum and I was like being calm, patient and cooperating with the useless policy of the family doesnt mean that the recent things happening won’t seat any longer with me, that am gonna have to confront him and put him in his place. My mum begged me and begged, cos she’s 76 years old, I considered and I had no choice but to cooperate with her advise.

The funny thing is, after this whole ish, I asked her that if he calls, will you pick, she answered yes I will, but I will have to see what he has to say first to know if I will continue the conversation or not, I was like for real? You must be kidding me, it means something that I am not suppose to know of is happening, she was like oh well its ur fault, why didn’t u confront him instead of listening to ur mums advise.

Since then, I have let it slide, but what actually made me bring up this issue again, was when I went to my bros house to pick some stuffs my sister sent from the USA, madam was off to the market, I called her to ask if she would like the only size 10 of the shoe I saw cos she wears 9, she didnt pick after calling like 4 times, immediately my brother called her with his own phone, she picked and was like sorry when you called I try to pick but it was nt connecting, I just weak at that moment sey wetin dey sup.

Guys, ladies, from deep experiences u guys must have gone through, what do u think could be wrong and what do yall think I should do, something could be happening that if I dont unravel early, it might be the cause of ones demise or destruction.

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