Try The All-new Freepods Pro For An Immersive Afrobeats Listening Experience

Try The All-new Freepods Pro For An Immersive Afrobeats Listening Experience

Within a short time, the leading smart accessories brand, Oraimo, has risen to become a household name in Nigeria.
The mention of Oraimo alone gets people thinking about good quality and affordable power banks, phone chargers, smartwatches, and earphones.

In line with Oraimo’s commitment to rolling out quality products, it recently released the FreePods Pro, a limited-edition earbud to succeed the FreePods 3 which was released in 2021.

What makes the FreePods Pro so attractive is its pro-hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC) technology which allows for a quiet, fully immersive, and enjoyable listening experience.

Users who find themselves in very noisy environments and situations such as flights, train rides, and bus rides can rely on oraimo’s FreePods Pro to drown out all the noise. It has a noise reduction effect of up to 35dB in depth.

The FreePods Pro’s ability to effectively block out external noise is due to its advanced technology which utilizes two microphones in each earphone to achieve a better noise reduction effect for up to 35dB.

This is as a result of the Feedback (FB) ANC and Feedforward (FF) ANC technologies. The FreePods Pro is a huge step up from other earbuds in the market with Feedforward (FF) ANC, which only utilizes one microphone in each earphone, making the noise reduction effect weaker despite its lower cost.

Users who would much rather remain aware of their environment to some extent can turn on the Transparency feature that allows them to hold short conversations without taking off the earbuds.

One of the more likable things about oraimo’s earphones is its signature sound – HavyBass. This is what is responsible for the clean and clear sound you get when using any oraimo earphones.

HavyBass offers the best deep bass experience. oraimo partnered with Sound Engineers from Harman Kardon who tuned the sound, to give it a clean, clear sound with the right balance of treble and bass.

The sound was also tested and optimized for optimum quality when listening to Afrobeat by oraimo brand ambassador and Nigerian music legend, Tuface Idibia.

Shop Oraimo’s FreePods Pro via its e-shop

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