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Top 2 Lucrative Business Opportunities in Nigerian Music Industry

You too can harness these Lucrative Business Opportunities in Nigerian Music Industry, with or without inclination to the music itself; so far you are in for deals and ready for cash.

You don’t even need to be a music star, a producer or that renowned promoter in order to tap from any of the income streams around the music corridors.

What you need is a rapt attention to the details about these seen Lucrative Business Opportunities in Nigerian Music Industry.

These might sound knowledge intensive, capital demanding and all that, but in the actual sense, you may not even need to kick off with much financial muscles.

What does it need then?

To make real cash from any of these Lucrative Business Opportunities in Nigerian Music Industry, you need to possess some of the qualities below:

Be A Music Enthusiast

You can promote, sell, or partner with contents you detest or don’t have strong affiliation to. Irrespective of the fact that you must not be a musician to make end meet in the music Industry, one trait needed is the passion and enthusiasm in the field.

Be Committed

We don’t preach the Ponzi-streamed facts that only require investment and earning. In order to succeed as a music business person, you need to understand the principles of commitment and doggedness.

Now, back to the reason why you read; the businesses you can scoop millions from around the music industry.

  1. Digital Promotion

Gone are the days when artists travel from Enugu to Lagos and Onitsha, for good marketers and promoters for their work. Over 80% of music lovers no longer buy CD and DVD plates, because they are not used.

With mobile devices, they download amazing songs for their souls. In that same manner, in Nigeria, most songs are no longer paid to get.

As a digital promoter, all you need is a good music website, a decent traffic and your ability to connect via any channel you dim fit, and you stand to make your earnings feasible in the following ways:

Charges for Promotion

Now, when I said there are business opportunities in the Nigerian Music industry where you too can see ends meet; I’m pretty sure you’ve tried to misunderstand the facts. But to a great extent, I will put you through, right here.

If you are at the spotlight (through your traffic on the site, your exposure to artists (in person) or producers, you can get artists to pay for their song promotion.


Your only bragging right is the number of downloads you will assure. And this can only be achieved when you learn the blogging tactics we taught in the previous works.


Earning from CPC-based ads

CPC is defined as cost per click. This is also how bloggers earn the fortune that most of us celebrate on daily basis. Not YAHOO YAHOO. And you too can start creating these music contents via your customized online page in order to stand tall and earn through any of the available monetization options.

You can learn this earning methods, blogging and music promotion from this page. Or simply click here to purchase the Blog to Bank (your guide to digital marketing)

Connection from Wider Perspectives

This is another insight for music producers, artists and real promoters that eagerly wait for bigger deals in the industry.

Having a channel of marketing will only do one great thing; which entails exposing you to great odds of people who will want to either be led by you or want to lead, so far results become eminent.

How can you become a Music Promoter Online?

From your practical observation, here at Hiptop Jamz, we promote music, artists and great producers. And although we charge relatively lower than several music promotion platforms, we have connected with over 300 music producers and artists over the few months. You too can set up a platform, enrich it with the right contents, strive (through ads and many other tactics) to get real fans and visitors.

Money flows in your own direction. And below are the steps that you need to observer while creating your online engine for music promotion.

Get a Domain Name

Apart from these Business Opportunities in Nigerian Music Industry, you need digital representation, to standout in modern businesses. so first, your domain name is the address in which the site can be visited through. Our domain name is You can create one that resonates to the kind of music business you want to venture into.

Get a Hosting Account

You don’t need to be misled into creating your site upon very poor hosting strength. You can also contact one of our trusted web developers for the deal. With the right hosting company handling your music blog, you are good to go.

Finish the Customization

To finally launch your site, you need to fine tune your music blog to affirm to the minds of the audience. And to do this perfectly, you can either follow the previous guides we have prepared on blogging, or contact any of our agents through the comment section of this post.

Is that All?

At this stage, you must be sure of the kind of contents you want to appear on the site. Another deal with good content creators can push your idea faster into the market. But if you are blessed with words, you are just good to go.


  1. Musical Events

I bet you, you have always considered this project too tough to be engaged. But to be frank with you, during certain seasons in Nigeria, an organizer goes home with millions of Naira organizing and setting up platforms for both music and other cultural events.

Can’t you see that?

Among the Lucrative Business Opportunities in Nigerian Music Industry, this idea is one of the hustle shifts that are not seasonal at all.

It depends on your setting, team and insight into the Business Opportunities in Nigerian Music Industry because they can never yield same results.

But I want to give you an instance:

Mr A teams up with company B and Mr C, to organize a local Musical contest. After the agreements and necessary documentations, they both agree to charge every participants of the contest N5000 (Five thousand Naira for Registration).

The Bait: Record deal with a cash price of N500, 000 for the overall winner.

Cheap, right?

Just pay a rapt attention to the demo. This is because we are not going to give out the right business model for free.

Thereafter, thy recorded about 500 interested participants (local artistes).

On the model, they also invited 4 popular artists to perform on the event. And that pulled one of the greatest crowd in the area, ranging to over 2, 0000 fans (who purchased their tickets with 1,000 to 5,000 Naira each). On the Table for Four, they charged just N5, 000-20,000. You must have seen events with more than 30 of this type of table; right?

You need to run the calculation for me:

Consider the cost of inviting certain artists, the space, security and musical tools. Calculate also the realizable amounts from Table for Four, Tickets, Artist registration etc.

But the truth is that at the end of the deal, both Mr. A, Company B. and Mr. C went home millionaires.

How about that?

Do you think you can pull better crowd for more cashes? Then, you have all it takes to carve out working income stream from now till the end of this year.

Summary of this Journal

I did not write to brag over anything. The essence is to expose possible ways you can make money through music in Nigeria. If you have struggled for better chances in the industry and have failed many times, this is your guide to making yourself the Boss that you pray for.

And for clarity sake, this is not the only Lucrative Business Opportunities in Nigerian Music Industry. It is just one out of the many ideas that have even worked for us, and some other folks.

And right here, I challenge you to do same.


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