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Tinubu Is A Great Man – Vanpee Exclamates

I may not be a fan of Tinubu but If you look at this picture you will see the real definition of mentorship and leadership incubation. In year 2006 these guys were in Tinubu’s cabinet as Commissioners, Chief of Staff and permanent Secretary: Osinbajo, Sanwo-Olu, Mu’iz Banire, Jide, Fashola and Ambode.

Today, they are: Vice President of Nigeria, former Governors, serving minister, serving governor, governor-elect, Deputy Chief of Staff to the President and AMCON Chairman. Can anyone alive boast of producing this brand of leaders in Northern Nigeria? Wake up.”


Unfortunately, most of our northern and Igbo politicians prefer to bring young people close to them not to mentor them to grow and realise their full potential but to be used as agents of social vices and mischief. They deploy the carrot-and-stick method, giving young people a false hope while the deception goes on. The only time they remember young people is when they want to foment crisis and do something unprofessional. If you’re educated and highly skilled in your area of expertise, they never give you a chance to excel. They prefer fanatics that would tell them what pleases them, not the actual truth that will help develop our polity. They don’t mentor young people to contribute in terms of policies, research and governance.

The only northern Governor that is currently changing that narrative is Mallam Nasir El-Rufai. When he assumed office, El-Rufai recently announced the Sir Kashim Shettima fellowship that offers young people the opportunity to become fine leaders that are capable of solving various 21st societal problems. If you look at his cabinet, there are many young people learning how to lead in a very challenging environment so as to prepare them for future position.

Unless we change our mentality of not giving young people the chance to grow because they may steal the thunder, the south will continue to produce young, talented leaders groomed by those who firmly believe the future of the country is the youth, being the highest demography population wise. A careful look at the office of the Vice President, one would see quite a few young people learning the act of leadership from the Law Professor. I know about three. One young person from the office of the VP recently won a seat in the House of Reps in Kano. These are the people that will man different sectors the country one day.

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