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Blogging Business: One Diehard Season to set Up a Lucrative Page

Do we recommend blogging business due to the fact that you can earn your remuneration in harder currencies?. That might sound as truth, but that is far from the our reason. If you truly want to sell, connect and see good reasons to remain in your business, seek a means to showcase to your prospects.

That last time, I only talked about people that want to share their knowledge and make money out of it online, but today, I’m talking about how Blogging can Help Your Business, boost your Sales and turn your Visibility Level downside Up.

It’s about love. It’s about motivation, but ultimately a business. This is because; I believe that I’ve succeeded only when I’ve lead many people to success. I see some people trying and asking questions about ‘what and how to invest their little earning

And that is why I want to suggest this ‘Work from Home’ profession to you (that is, if you have not considered blogging as a permanent work space). But there is a misconception, somewhere (and that’s what I will love to make known to my fellow and prospective)

Don’t be Mislead trying Blogging Businesses

Last week, I met a guy at a conference, who shared his story to me. It was about how he left BLOGGING, after years of frustrations (and I don’t want anyone here to get frustrated) I’ve also met someone who never even heard what Blogging is all about. To some, they know, but are not quite sure of the dynamics of the earning sides.

Even me, I would’ve left blogging long ago if I hadn’t learnt how to productize some of the services I render (just chill; I know you want to learn more about that)

And these, and more, have been the real sources of the misconceptions about the global profession.

Is Blogging Business truly Legit?

Having spent years in the blogosphere,  seeing the good works of other seasoned bloggers, and having learnt the differences between the passionate bloggers and bloggers that are in for business; we feel we are in the right position to share our views of blogging.

One more things: Blogging business is not just the only way of earning passive income via  the entertainment industry, music and the likes. To whatever you engage in, you need quality digital marketing funnel for the sake of the amazing contest you have within.

This group, bloggers helping Bloggers, is the right place to gain more insight about blogging. But it’s quite unfortunate that it’s littered with links, beggars, and scammers (who possibly doesn’t know anything about blogging)

Listen to this!

Blogging is a business that anyone can venture into, but a business that few people can find lucrative.

It all depends on;

  • What you know about blogging
  • Who told you?
  • How you utilized the insights
  • What you’ve decided to BLOG about and
  • What you are willing to do

Why was that said? You can start reading the tactics that truly help anyone make money blogging. These are tricks that can lift your stand financially, even if you are the laziest Nigerian youth. CLick Here to download the free resources.

Is it about the Adsense?

I don’t think so. But even as the little earning through Adsense can make blogging business more lucrative than any other internet hustle, you should learn that it is just one out of many tens of strategies that feed your  guys all over the world.

How to Make Money Blogging in Nigeria (Download Free Practical Guides)

But judging from the earning dashboard above, you can see that with just about 1000 people visiting your blog from a decent and genuine traffic source, you can earn up to 20 USD.

Now, look at what this entail in just one month. 20×30 = 600 USD. Remember that with more visitors, you can earn better.  And 600 USD in Nigerian low-end currency is about 219,000 (two hundred and nineteen thousand naira). Note: This is just passive, because with more funds you can raise higher and more enviable values.

Do you really want to start BLOGGING business, right?

It’s the only profession (the one I know) that will help you utilize your raw skills, and also give you the opportunity to decide which CURRENCY to be paid in (I earn in Dollars).

But the frequency and amount you are paid depends on what you l Know, whom you have and what you are not doing like other.

It is too vast to be shared in a single post.

Blogging requires the highest order of Fraternization, and this post should be an avenue you need to connect with a blogger in your niche.

Just drop your comment (Question, Support, Views, Criticism) about blogging and what I think it should be and someone here will put you through.

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