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The Era of the Underdog Revolution in Africa-What Next from Now?

The Era of the Underdog Revolution in Africa-What Next from Now?

Revolution in Africa: Something is going on now. It’s all over the air. I do not know if you have noticed. It’s big. Much bigger than the news of the extinction of the dinosaurs.

It’s a sort of evolution, not the kind that brought about the homo-sapiens; it’s about the spirit in man. It is the shattering of traditions. It is a new mindset that is going to raise different kinds of men from this continent

At first it was all about graduating with a good academic grade, securing a nice job and living what was termed ‘good life’ The latest trend in the global sphere has turned the green light off, in certain life’s’ demands. The normal lifestyle of be born, get a degree, make kids and die, has now been termed boring. It is now a matter of what you have to offer, not totally in tangible resources but also in mind blowing and trend-setting ideas.

The techno-social improvements have obliged myriads of African youths, to dance to the tunes of these global improvements. Youths are now awake to the fact that the future of their lives lies right inside their hands. Our cities, schools, churches, and even the most sacred areas are now flooded with global entrepreneurs.

The mental picture of those desired places for African dwelling has taken its courses in the lives of the inspired general. These are the set of minds that have taken cognizance of that fact that their minds are the making houses of any great achievement.

Where are we going from here?

It is no longer news that the order of the day has taken a different dimension. All hands have been on deck thorough politics, higher quest for knowledge, big entrepreneurial developments, and public awareness, trying to sensitize the youth on this shift in trend, its merits and demerits through the social media, journals and articles in magazines, in the global spaces. It is now an established fact that the universe has metamorphosed to a global room, though stretching its consequences in the dying African tradition.

Did I just say, Revolution in Africa?

This depiction is directly proportional to this trend, with time as a constant. The implications being that as the globe is virtually reducing to as small as handheld devices, making everything smaller, faster and even more efficient in the face of search engines, social networks, websites, portals and even blogs. The digital space, called the web has endless possibilities and en-houses every necessary tool needed for human recreation.

What can you not do with the web these days?

The advent of the web has brought about the ability to create an unimaginable network of people, through social networks and other interactive web bodies.

With these, any business idea or just any idea at all can be developed, refined and implemented. Nowadays, students get low Marks because of one Mark I know (Zukerburg) but they really don’t put it into its full utilization.

That revolution in AFrica has not aste if your voice is not heard. Re,e,ber,. you are only heard when you can engage.

Just take a deep breath and think about that for a second. Every website you open on any of your devices today, is a library on its own.

They are a simulation of real life libraries, so we just call them digital libraries. Every piece of information you will ever need is somewhere on the web, just waiting for your click on Bing, Yahoo and even Google.


So what are you waiting for?

Get up from that warm and comfortable seat or bed; get an idea or if you already have one, open that search page now and make the future.

Africa must be great again. You are the one to make it happen. But note, it is not about the revolution in Africa, it is about the revolution in your own mind. Be guided.

Meno Blacks!

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