Precious Inspire – Imela

Precious Inspire – Imela

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Talented uprising act popularly known as Precious Inspire is out with this inspirational single tagged Imela.

Listen to the new single below and don’t forget to share your musings below in the comment section.

Enjoy beneath!

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Precious Inspire – Imela Lyrics

(Intro) ladies and gentle men its another one imela Eh, PI

First verse:

You turned my life around, you have taken me higher now, you gave me victory, that is my history, you mend my broken heart now my doors are opened wide, that’s why am singing that’s why am shouting
Bridge) oh’ oh oh’ oh oh’ oh oh oh
Oh’ oh oh’ oh oh oh
Oh oh oh

Chorus:  Imela imela imela, imela oh, imela oh
Imela imela imela
Imela oh oh oh imela oh x2

Verse 2::

In the midst of all my battles upon all the spar’s and arrows, you gave me your hand and I was saved by your hand, you told me it doesn’t matter even though am trapped in water, that you are my God and you are my guide oh

Bridge: oh oh oh, oh oh, oh oh oh
Oh, oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh

Chorus 2x

Interlude:: Its your one and only (Precious Inspire)

Third verse:

Aga’m eburu ekela buru ekele buru ekele
Imela oh, imela oh
Agam eburu ekele buru ekele buru ekele,
Imela oh oh oh imela oh,

Abo ekele Abo ekele Abo ekele
Imela oh imela oh
Abo ekele Abo ekele abo ekele
Imela oh oh oh imela oh

Imela oh, imela oh
Imela oh oh, imela oh oh x4

Chorus x2


You will defeat the Bee’s before you access the Honey, but before then you need grace, listen if you are not thankful you can’t have your tank full because when praise goes up blessing comes down, so you better live a life of praise.


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