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Post Malone

Post Malone

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In most Post Malone photographs, the rapper is usually pictured happy and smiling with uplifting energy.

However, Malone latest single. “Goodbyes” and emo-esque track featuring Young Thug, is all about bad breakups. Malone and Thugger deliver verses about needing to rid themselves of their significant others who have occupied too much space in their lives and minds.

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This is definitely a track for those at their wit’s end with their partner and are looking for an out.
It just could be that Malone was inspired by real-life events when creating “Goodbyes” as earlier this year he took to social media to defend his relationship.

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There were internet trolls who were harassing the “Wow” rapper and his lady, efforts that caused the couple grief. “To my REAL fans I love you to death,” he wrote.

“To the people trying to dig so f*cking hard to try and get me to leave my girl, y’all ain’t real fans and it needs to stop. The past is the past and it has nothing to do with anything. have some respect. who gives a f*ck? let us live our lives.”


Quotable Lyrics Of Post Malone Goodbyes ft Young Thug Mp3

We’re both acting insane
But too stubborn to change
Now I’m drinking again
Eighty proof in my veins
Also chk Billie Eilish Bad Guy Mp3



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