Paul Okoye’s Reply To Eedris Abdulkareem’s Criticism Is Epic!

Paul was having none of Eedris’ affront and rushed to shoot a shot back at him.

Eedris Abdulkarim appears to have set out on a ‘subbing binge’ and endeavored to add P Square to the rundown. He bombed woefully!

The veteran artist impacted the Okoye twins, Peter and Paul for leaving on solo professions, foreseeing that they were destined to come up short.

Paul otherwise known as Rudeboy was having none of that and rushed to discharge a shot back at him and kid does it sting.

He imparted a photograph on Instagram to the inscription

Pls I exhort!! before u get high, ensure you mastermind beta sustenance by the side to back am up… .something else! oyo is the situation. You won’t significantly recall the route to the studio.. #veterans,

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