Paul Okoye Attacks Peter Again, Says Only a Woman Will Come To Where There Is Peace and Destroy It

Women have been causing problems with men since the day the earth was created – Psquare seem to be having some in-house trouble again after their last big public fallout, Paul has been insinuating that Lola Okoye (Peter’s Wife) is using juju on his brother and is even hurt more by the fact that his own wife just bore him a set of twins now, he posted some very interesting items on his IG, see it below:

Peter Okoye’s fans indicated all might not be well in ”lalaland” because he  started referring to himself again as MR P…

Shortly after,the other twin @Paul Okoye posted that someone was Jealous of his new babies,he deleted that post and then posted another one and threatens to open Foul Yansh referring to a woman who is using Juju!.

Who could he be talking to?Juju?Blood is thicker than Juju?Sounds like In house brouhaha again!

Nyansh go open?Please whoever this is directed at and #youknowyourself,please dont try anybody again..If you are Innocent of the accusations,please keep quiet. #Ssssssssssh


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