Is this why P-Square’s family didn’t want Peter Okoye to marry Lola Omotayo???

It’s no news that every member of the P-Square family, including their deceased mother, was not in support of Peter Okoye’s marriage to the fair-skinned overage Yoruba lady, Lola Omotayo. However, the reason wasn’t made known.

Since tribalism is a usual thing in Nigeria and even the world at large, folks concluded that the rejection had something to do with their different tribes, as Peter Okoye belongs to the IPOB descent while Lola Omotayo originates from the groins of a Yoruba Demon. But after all said and done, the marriage held, and no one could do anything about it.

Many years down the line, the brothers had a fallout and ultimately broke up, thus bringing their career as a duo to a pathetic end and going their separate ways unsuccessfully. The chief architect behind their fallout is believed to be their wives, Lola Omotayo especially. Now, an evidence that somewhat validates these suppositions surfaced online recently.

The proud mother and wife was captured smoking in a club. Being a smoker, they are possibly other sides of her that are unlikely, which may be why she was rejected by the family, also supposing she could be responsible for the split. Lola Omotayo smoking??? Guys, over to you!!!

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