Okay DJ Chicken Fvck Up, But Portable Should Have Done This Instead (READ HERE)

Okay DJ Chicken Fvck Up, But Portable Should Have Done This Instead (READ HERE)

The report reaching us is the official police report that street artiste, Portable have been declared wanted after taking justice to his hand
Video shows that Portable arrange for thugs to beat a friend known as DJ Chicken after he told Portable’s wife to convince her husband to do away with people around him.

This has sparked a lot of reactions on the media as many social media and close associates of the Zazoo crooner blamed DJ Chicken for his mischievous act.

If you’ve not watched the video where he humiliated DJ Chicken, Click Here To Watch

Multiple reports have claimed Portable has been declared wanted for jungle justice.

This will surely affect Portable’s career negatively, this is not a publicity stunt that adds value to the said artiste, it rather tarnishes his image and drastically reduces business partners.

No one would want to have to deal with you if as a celebrity you’re mostly involved in committing crimes. I’m sure that show promoters won’t risk losing their money in an attempt to bring Portable to their show.

What Portable Should Have Done Differently
As a celebrity you learn to tolerate more, you consider what is at stake first before taking some actions.

In this case, if I were Portable, I would have call him publicly and inform friends and family about what he said, how he snitched on them. So everyone knows what is going on between us both.

I will make my stand and allow him leave freely, I will disassociate myself from him. If there’s anything he’s owing me, I will collect it from that spot and that’ll be the end of our friendship.

To be honest, Potable has tried to reconciled with him some days ago which we all watched in a viral video. But he shouldn’t have think of beating him.

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