NL TALK!! Portable Is Growing Bigger Than All Yoruba Street Artistes (See How)

NL TALK!! Portable Is Growing Bigger Than All Yoruba Street Artistes (See How)

Portable whose real name is Habeeb Okikiola is a fast-rising Nigerian singer, rapper and dancer.
He has been into music for 10 years before his final break through, discovery and recognition through rapper Olamide Baddo. Portable is the new wave in the Nigerian music industry with his new single Zazu Zeh featuring Olamide and Poco Lee.

I feel Portable is gradually growing bigger than the rest Yoruba street artistes is this.

After Obi Cubana gave Portable his biggest endorsement at N50 Million, E-Money took him to UK for his first intercontinental tour.
Portable is a local champion no doubt. If he continues like this, in the next 5 years, no Yoruba local artiste will see his back. Mark my word, he will go back to School soon and become a better human than he is right now.
I don’t know why I’m beginning to like everything about the young man. This is what we call unmerited GRACE. Every other person in Lagos wanted to cancel Portable. MC Morris and other Yoruba entertainers continue to attempt to cancel Portable from shows, endorsement and other Lagos connect but the young man keep soaring higher and higher.
I also noticed that all the people supporting Portable’s life and music career, are Igbos apart from Olamide and few other Yorubas. Even the guy (Pocolee) that brought him into limelight is also an Igbo boy. The only problem I have with Igbos people is that they hardly support their own young talents. I made a post about it yesterday.
Couple of days ago, he paid a visit to the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwisi’s palace. The Zazu crooner and his crew visited Ile Ife to pay homage to the king. In a video making the rounds online, he asked the Ooni to bless him and the king gifted him a bundle of cash.
How many up and coming Yoruba street artistes achieved these success within a short while? NONE.
You may not like to hear this or agree with me, but from the look of things,
Portable Is Growing Bigger Than All Yoruba Street Artistes – DO YOU AGREE?

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