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Enjoy Top-Ranked Nigerian Music (New and Old) with Amazing Melodies

Here are top ranked Nigerian Music from renowned artists (known and unknown), and feel the trilling shift from the old version of the Nigerian Music Industry. Beyond hip-hop, we have explored deeper to bring you the best among the top ranked soul sweeteners from within African Music Circle, and that’s what you’re about to feel.

To reiterate, the Nigerian Music Industry has witnesses a lot of growth through motivation, display of talents, strive to learn, balance of the societal wheel, and pure music.  So you’ve got nothing to lose going through this best music from best sources.

But if you’re new to this entertainment hub, let me lead you through the whole sections, because we are loaded with everything we need around Naija Music.

Before we get started, however, it will interest you to look into some of the opportunities we shared to our fans (as at the time of compiling this journal)

Career Opportunities around the Globe

Being a fan of good music does not limit you to just music. That was why we share latest scholarship opportunities to those who regularly listen of read through our articles on this blog.

Last week, we shared series of scholarship opportunities for Africans, and you can start accessing them from this link.

Note: we are not affiliated with any of the bodies who offer those scholarships. We only shared for the sake of our fans that may be going through hard times funding their studies.

Now Back to Naija Music

You must have been in need of certain songs, details and any necessary information pertaining such Nigerian music but could not get a helpful answer.

Are you a DJ or do you just love good music, as we do? You need to follow our categories below, to get the best of what you search for. So far it is Music in Africa.

Nigerian Music Artists

We consider any musician in Nigeria, Nigerian Music artists, irrespective of their backgrounds, genre, purposes and origination.

On the other hands, we disown any artist who fails to promote peace and growth of Sanity and Unity of Africa at large.

We go for the best, of people and of their substance, and strive to impact positively on the lives of anyone who humbles as an upcoming artist.

You must have seen that we reject contents that represent anything or anyone less than the beauty of Africa.

However, it is the stand, and what our brand represents for both Music in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Download Nigeria Music (from Diverse Sources)

Nigerian Music is beyond songs (MP3 and MP4s). it has to do with the people, their intentions, voices, influence, passion and drive bridge our differences.

But for the sake of Nigerian Music Lovers, we have a well-built gallery for songs from different flows of thoughts and innate drive.

Not just to sing both to represent, lyrically,  in environmental inclination, political view points, historical factors and religious tones etc.


And remember, in this journal, our intention is to help you get to help you get the best of Nigerian music. So below, you will be guided to your various rooms for your amazing musical packages.


Nigerian Hip Hop Music Downloads

Here are reasons why we still rank one of the best music website in Africa.

Just slide through any of the links below to download amazing Nigerian Music from the hip hop giants all over the world. You can search from latest music albums, among those we recently uploaded.


Nigerian Gospel Songs (Music)

We share what we have, from religious circles, and publish latest Nigerian gospel songs from any artist who finds our portal fit for his/her promotion.

You can also download most recent uploaded gospel works, from our gospel music category.

It is with a voice of confidence that we believe how refilled you’ll be after going through the latest from the gospel musical hemisphere.

Song of the Week

Do you want to get the list from our editors? Yes, I guess but you must know what beauty means to the beholder.

Simple click here to download the song of this week from HiptopJamz Crew.



Afro Vibes from Nigerian Music

There has been an out-pour of new Naija songs and Nigerian music. This week as usual, Hiptop Jamz will make sure you get a taste of the latest Afro Music.

You don’t even need a special category to get these vibes, just navigate to the homepage here, to download latest Afro Music from these great artists, who labour to keep a legendary invention.


A Few Last Words

The Nigerian music industry has more than you can ever imagine, and the need to help you see to that has motivated this articulated guide.

You might also love to share this post to family and friends (home and abroad). Promoting beautiful things means enriching souls with melodies.

This content is from all of us at the Hiptop Jamz Blogging department.



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