MUSIC LOVERS!! Who Has More Hit Songs Between Olamide And Psquare?

MUSIC LOVERS!! Who Has More Hit Songs Between Olamide And Psquare?

Music lovers are back at it again, this time they are comparing who has more hit songs between Olamide and the duo Psquare.
This head-to-head showdown is a very tight one – while some fans believe that Psquare has been giving hit before Olamide rose to stardom, others are of the opinion that Olamide’s legendary status and longevity has outlived everything Psquare has ever done. Check the tweets below:

@Oloyeatanda1 wrote,
“Psquare are indeed a legend with mad discography but when we are talking about Olamide Baddo, he is the only one that has great discography and mad hits. 50 vs 50 Olamide will injure Psquare with honor”
@1stSoremekun wrote,
“Hit songs wise, Olamide is big enough to lace the shoes of P Square and even wear them. Yes, he’s that big. And y’all know this except you’re dogs. But no other artist can lace his. A GOAT for a reason!”
@SirDavidBent wrote,
“Psquare vs. Olamide? Well, this is a tricky one. No doubt Olamide has hits, but Psquare has more hits. In 2004-05, they had more hits than almost every musician in the industry. Also, if Psquare had remained consistent, they would be topping the industry now”.
@Odogwu_Nomso wrote,
“PSquare will smoke him easily lol, just 2 albums & Olamide is finished. Olamide is string but PSquare are Hit/Album Demons”.
@dove_temitope wrote,
“They don’t have hits up to Olamide, forget say them don dey game before he enter, he jam them for game e don pass them. You want to squabble drop their hits, I’ll drop Olamide’s. Thank you”
On the other hand, some believe that had Psquare stayed longer as a duo, they would have become the biggest musician out of Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Who Has More Hit Songs Between Olamide And Psquare?

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