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Music in Nigeria: Legit Ways to Boost your Career aside Endorsement

Music in Nigeria: Legit Ways to Boost your Career aside Endorsement

Are you into Music in Nigeria?  aside Endorsement from bigger names, are there other channels to trigger your button and sell off in shorter times? You don’t need to be led in order to lead in your own niche.

As young stakeholder (upcoming artist, producer, etc.), if you are praying and hoping to be featured as an artist somewhere, I have a good news for you.

It will immensely pay you to remember that Sean Kingston’s career didn’t just begin when he was discovered by Tommy Rotem on ‘MySpace.

Music in Nigeria: Legit Ways to Boost your Career aside Endorsement

Later on, he featured in an advertisement that changed the history, but he was right on track with the use of the old social media.

People still argue his career began with that public service announcement to motivate teenagers to help their communities by forming the ‘Do Something’ club.

But the truth is that he never waited for the big endorsements doing nothing. But a time came when persistence and creative work paved the way.


That was how the guy jumped from being a freelance artist to an international brand.


But what about you?

You are waiting for endorsement from bigger names who are currently recruiting digital marketer to catch up with the pace and modern trends too.

You don’t need to be raped off your hard earned currency to be features in a movie role, and neither do you need only Don Jazzy to be heard as a singer. Music in Nigeria has much more talented icons than seen, the issues lie in their inability to be discovered.

Can you take a moment back to the life of this Jamaican–American singer? Maybe you will learn how opportune you are with better devices and stronger internet.


It’s like you are about to complain?

I don’t have a good phone. I don’t have someone to mentor me on these things. But you are better.

The hard lyrics you heard him sing came from the hard life he was naturally subjected to, which included incarceration, homelessness, and growing up a lot faster than he should have.


Do you Have  a Side Hustle?

Sometimes dream dies. Not because they are not legitimate enough to withstand the test of time, but because they were not fed with the right source to live.

You must have heard the cases freelance journalists and great bloggers who later joined forces in Nigerian Music, or from any other schere of life.

Not because they were not interested in the industry. They were  feeding their dreams with sustaining milks, and you too can raise the bar before it fades off your memory.

Note this, just like every other industries in the world, to remain relevant in the name, Music in Nigeria, you need to have been found worthy of the times and resources of your investors.


What do you do now?

Chess what the bigger labels are chasing! It is called audience.

You have a great movie spirit, funny or coordinated enough to change people emotions?

Just as you wait for the bigger pictures, make the videos and leverage the likes of YouTube.

You sing very well and have succeeded in securing a studio session. Don’t wait for the bigger label to endorse them. Let the masses do that.

For some sites. You can get paid immediately your fans stream your songs, and get massive earning when you set prices for downloads.


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Did I Just Mention YouTube?

This does not just server for folks who sing or merely belong to the category of Music in Nigeria. There are not just one to mention. A couple of streaming sites like Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Vevo and the rest of them, have cool monetization options that are designed to reward.

It is also a tool for one who either have the vocal strength or the will power to touch lives with voice.

What you need is fame and money.

With a well targeted SEO or even the lower ends like the paid social media ads, over time, you can drag a million persons to either hear about you or play your songs.

And I believe that when you learn the higher skill, you will soar higher.

There are real angels watching though your timeline. These are folks who are ready to essentially refine your talent into scintillating and more marketable product. You should not wait to be fished out of the crowded industry.

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