Message to every women who compete with their partners

Message to every women who compete with their partners Message to every women who compete with their partners I spent time yesterday, thinking about our relationships and the way things are happening.

I believe ladies should at this point begin to see things as thus hence need for a redress:
men are now losing their place to women and I know that this is not God’s plan for our homes. Women are beginning to care less what happens in the home and how the life of their husband goes. Women are becoming more selfish by the day and now it’s all about them. Women are now in competition with their man. We no longer see ourselves as the power-house of the home. We have stopped seeing ourselves as the pillar on which our man leans to face the world. We no longer see us as his strength.

Here we are complaining about men not being men; Are we giving them the opportunity to be men? When you now feel he shouldn’t be in control; when you now see him as your number one opponent; when you now bother about your own success more than his, what do you think is the end result? He has stopped being the man you want him to be simply because you have stopped being the woman you were created to be. You want him to be the man who rules his world; are you giving him the support he needs to be that man? When was the last time you went on your knees and instead of saying “Father, bless me”, your prayer is “Father, please bless my husband and in return, cause him to love me”?

Ladies, we have missed it and that is where our problem started. We need to go back to the drawing board and do it God’s way. We have allowed ourselves to be carried away by the way and style of the world. Materialism has taken the place of God in our lives. We have ignored our spouse and children for the things of this temporal life. Now, you believe you are successful when you get to the peak of your career. The most successful woman alive is that woman who is a pillar to her husband and a joy to her children. The most successful woman alive is that woman whose children live in such a way that everybody that comes in contact with them says “God bless your mother”. The most successful woman is that woman who still spend hours on her knees interceding for her spouse and children.
If I may ask; when was the last time you personally served your husband’s meal? When was the last time you cleaned the house yourself? When last did you clean us his mess? When last did you spend your weekend soaking his underwear in Persil and washing them yourself instead of wearing asoebi from one point to the other? When was the last time you had morning and night devotion with your family? We have left the real thing to be chasing shadows. You will retire from your job someday; you will be too weak to run your business someday, the only people who will carry you when you are weak are your children and spouse. If you fail to carry them now, they may not be there to carry you.

Enough of this “we are equal partners”. Yes, we are partners but someone must be the leader and head for things to run smoothly. Stop joining ignorant and arrogant girls who call themselves women to question the headship of your man. Refuse to take in every thrash you read on social media just because it’s coming from a woman like you. Some of them are agents of darkness sent out by the devil himself to ruin and destroy lives and relationships. When someone encourages you not to tell your husband everything, who do you think that person is? Agent of darkness, that’s what he or she is. When they tell you not to let your husband know what you own and how much you earn, they are out from the pit of hell to destroy you. Why live with him if you don’t trust him? I know there are men who get married to you, not because they love you but because they want some soft landing. Na you fall for am, carry your cross.
Let us go back to the Creator’s manual and ask our Maker to teach us His ways. Let women go back and become women to enable our men become what god created them to be. Stop competing with your man; become his pillar and strength. When I say this, our so called feminists say I am foolish. I have always prayed,” Father, that money you want to give me, please transfer it into the hands of my husband and make him to love me as his own flesh”. I don’t want to be the head over him; I want him to lead while I follow. With this crested in your mind “If you think I am foolish, I want to remain foolish.”

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