Mavin’s Boy Spyce Or YBNL’s Asake—Who Is More Talented?

Mavin’s Boy Spyce Or YBNL’s Asake—Who Is More Talented?

This time next year, we’ll be talking about a whole new set of Next Rated artists.
By all means, two artists who will most likely be in that conversation will be Mavin’s new artist, Boy Spyce and YBNL’s golden boy, Asake.

While Boy Spyce is relatively newer, Asake is also just a new artist himself and they both have one project each.

The major difference is that Asake is not exactly new in the industry. After all, he is Mr. Money (he did a viral song of this same title a while back.) But I guess we can say the same for Boy Spyce, who came to the limelight when his freestyles went viral over a year ago.

Since Asake’s introduction, he’s produced some three hits including “Omo Ope” and “Sungba.” Boy Spyce on the other hand has one single called “Nobody” that’s doing all right. By the virtue of his EP though, there are still a few songs that could get the single treatment. Asake has moved on from his EP though, with the release of “Palazzo” with Spinall.

As the newest Mavin signing, Boy Spyce is getting a lot of attention right now and if we’re being honest, he has the talent to back up all the hype. The same can be said for Asake who also happens to be YBNL’s latest.

So before the next Headies, I decided to do this mashup probably no one else is thinking about. Boy Spyce vs. Asake.

Mavin’s Boy Spyce Or YBNL’s Asake, Who Do You Think Is The Most Talented Of The Two?

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