Marry your size. it doesn’t matter how beautiful it is, if it is not your size, it is going to pain you!

Dear Singles: Marry Your Size

Sometime last year I went to buy a shoe. My normal size is 43 but there was this beautiful shoe I saw there, its size was 42. I was having a double mind to buy or not to buy. I love the shoe but it was not my size. The shoe was very cute, black in color with beautiful designs.

As I was there contemplating on what to do, the guy selling the shoe employed his persuading skills he has developed over long time of doing business and he convinced me. I bought the shoe.

The next day, I started wearing the shoe, my leg was on fire! I couldn’t walk well. If you see me then you will think I had an injury on my leg. Then, it dawned on me; it doesn’t matter how beautiful it is, if it is not your size, it is going to pain you!

Fam, how many are they that marry for the wrong reasons! They marry for beauty, handsomeness, figure eight, six packs, money, status etc. No matter how beautiful and figure “eighted” she is or how rich, handsome and six packed he is if he or she is not your size, you are gonna face pain in marriage.

Don’t marry because she is very beautiful, he’s rich and handsome or because your status is going to increase or change. Don’t marry because your family or friends are pressurizing you to, you’re the only one that will face the pain. Marry because he’s or she’s your size.

1. Marry someone that’s your size spiritually
Spiritual compatibility is the starting point. That both of you are Christians is not even enough reason to marry. There are different kinds of belief in Christiandom today. Marry someone that believes in what you believe in. You believe in tongues but the person doesn’t believe, you believe in Trinity but the person doesn’t believe, you don’t have any business with such a person.

2. Marry someone that’s your size in terms of values, interests, hobbies etc. When you marry someone that doesn’t have same value, interests or hobbies with you, there’s gonna be a lot of irreconcilable differences and you know that two people can’t walk or flow together without an agreement. Don’t make this mistake.

Many marriages have crashed because the people that married had a lot of differences they did nothing about probably because they were in love. Love doesn’t solve irreconcilable differences.

3. Marry someone that is your size in terms of purpose and vision. Don’t marry anyone that is not in alignment with your purpose and vision. It’s like when you are going left and the person is going right. There will be problem.

4. Marry someone that’s your size in terms of personality. Don’t marry anyone that doesn’t suit your person. Don’t marry an introverted person and try to convert him or her. Marry someone as crazy as you and as cool as you and everyone will be happy. Don’t punish people anyhow.

Friends, marriage is a lifetime commitment. Before you commit yourself to someone, make sure the person you want to commit to is your size otherwise, pain is likely inevitable.

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