After Making His Guys Millionaires; Davido Buys Them Cars

The generosity of pop superstar Davido continues in 2019 and he is taking it to another level this time.

In the past, the DMW leader has bought new iPhones for his crew members and at different times shown the same benevolence towards fans as well.

In a recent update on his, Instastory Davido started that he would be buying new cars for his guys. To start with he bought a new Mercedes Benz car for Aloma, a member of the DMW & 30 BG crew. Aloma was the first to receive the new car treatment from his boss. According to the ‘Fall’ singer the famous Lati would have his car last.

Still on his Instastory Davido bragged about making all his guys millionaires and sent out a word ‘I will teach you rich motherf*ckers how to treat your pple’.

See the new Benz for Aloma in the post below as bought by Davido.

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