Major Nigerian Artistes Who Couldn’t Handle Fame (Number 2 Will Shock You)

Major Nigerian Artistes Who Couldn’t Handle Fame (Number 2 Will Shock You)

Every celebrity’s ambition is to rise to the top and stay there for as long as possible; some have succeeded, others have failed, and still others have simply given up their celebrity and moved on to other meaningful endeavours.
Here are 3 major Nigerian artists I think couldn’t handle the fame and as a result people stopped talking about them:-

1. Ice Prince Zamani

Ice Prince Zamani is the man who made rap music popular in Nigeria. In a short period of time, the Oleku singer, who was signed to the Choc City label, became one of the top artists making waves at the time. He was adored because he had a string of rap hit singles, ranging from being featured in Samklef Noni’s Superstar to Juju Badman!

….but that all changed when he decided to do what other artists were doing (party jam) in order to please Nigeria. That, in my opinion, was the start of his downfall.

He was known to be a rapper, why sing? If Nigerians want to listen to party jams they have Wizkid for that, they have Davido and alot of other musicians for that, he should have held his own which was hip-hop and by now he would have been a legend like his mentors before him, MI, Ruggedman, Eedris, Naeto c.

While the last time we heard from him was for a feature on “I Like Your Waist in Particular,” which was a huge hit, nothing has been heard from him since. I used to wonder what happened to ice Prince because he couldn’t handle fame.

2. Mr. Eazi

When Eazi debuted in 2014, the entire industry was shaken, with many people wondering who this wonder kid was, to the point where he was dragged by two African countries, Nigeria and Ghana.

The Nigerian-born singer, who spent much of his life in Ghana, was incredibly talented with his thick voice, and when he goes “high pitch” on a song, that’s exactly how he does it.

To this day, I haven’t heard any artist sound as “emotional” as early Mr. Eazi, who sounds a lot like Post Malone.

Dude was so different, he had a distinct style, and he won next rated unopposed the following year. He even aided Terry G’s comeback with a skin tight feature.

It’s so painful that we have no idea why he couldn’t keep up; all we knew was that he was dating a billionaire’s daughter. I shook my head as I listened to his latest song, Legalize, from this year. This man still has it, but he’s lost the one thing that matters the most, “fame.”

3. Lil Kesh

I don’t blame Mayorkun for sticking with Davido throughout the year because of Kesh. Maybe he wouldn’t have turned to an upcoming artist if he hadn’t left Olamide so quickly.

Zlanta, Naira Marley, Poco Lee, and the recent wave on the street portable have all contributed to his genre of music. Kesh had the celebrity, but he couldn’t handle it because of the road he’d taken.

What Other Nigerian Artistes Do You Think Handle Fame?

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