Lilian Dinma – Far Away

Lilian Dinma - Far Away

Lilian Dinma returns with an inspiring song titled FAR AWAY

She’s using this particular tune and lyrics to support and to encourage both men and women to understand that domestic violence is not something you need to be comfortable with. Therefore, using this tune to voice out her mind for the people who needs help

Men and women go through a lot in Domestic violence and i feel the pain more than visible marks or bruises and scars. Domestic violence is devastating to be abused by someone that you Love and feel for but sometimes don’t be in a relationship that cages your happiness, drain your mental health and make you less important to your love life. Any one who loves you in return can not maltreat you or controls your life.

You need to be courageous enough to seek for your happiness and self worth. Stop living your life in bitterness and darkness.

Love ends and when that love ends there’s no connection between the two lovers then you will start sensing distance even though you are still in that relationship.

You need to see the red light which tells you the relationship has ended and gone. Stay Far Away from toxic relationship that damage your love life. Don’t ignore the signs you see when the love is gone “Far Away”.

May God help you to be safe in your home and relationship. Amen.

Listen and enjoy below!


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