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Nigeria born Europe based contemporary and evolutionary Afro Gospel singer Lilian Dinma who made her come back into the Nigeria Music industry since 2015 has been making Global waves tremendously beyond Africa and world at large

Lilian Dinma kind of genre is to inspire, encourage and to motivate both young and old, giving hope to the hopeless and voice to the voiceless.

Lilian Dinma’s splendor voice to her genre illustrate the spiritual truth for every brethren who calls the name of God should “BELIEVE” in Him and to themselves know matter what situation they find their selves .

Lilian Dinma the contemporary and the evolutionary Gospel artist has been dishing out an amazing songs for years now and to her self’ she feels that, the time is accurately right to unveil the biggest album of the century entitled “BELIEVE”.

Lilian Dinma is known for the best and she has been celebrated very well across Nigeria and right now on the international entertainment scheme

The album “BELIEVE” is a project of 2 years to ensure i comes out of something most spectacular and spiritual to inspire the world.

I am thankful to all who made my debut album a successful one and indeed history was made with “BELIEVE” the album.

“BELIEVE” the album is a melodious Afro Gospel songs that are guaranteed to catch the attention of every listener.

Be inspired, be motivated and above all “BELIEVE”

Happy Birthday to me Lilian Dinma

Stream to Download “BELIEVE” the album and drop your comment on the comment box.




What a great album of the year. #Lilian_Dinma is more than talented “BELIEVE” the album. 

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