LET’S TALK!! Who Is Your Favorite Nigerian Rapper Of All Time?

LET’S TALK!! Who Is Your Favorite Nigerian Rapper Of All Time?

Rap music in Nigeria isn’t a new thing at all.
The genre started over two decades ago, with guys doing music around then trying to mimic the Americans although, all they ended up doing was bouncing on some afrobeats, rapping whack stuffs, and calling it “hip-hop.”

Olu Maintain, The Remedies, Eedris as a solo, and others, represent the start of a new budding genre of rap in the Nigerian music industry, then. But, there was a problem, of course, they were whack.

Then something happened. Ruggedman, a guy who has mastered the craft of rap to a considerable extent came on the scene and dissed all of the whack rappers and even Kennis Music who was promoting them, at the time. The diss track, “Ehen” is still regarded as a classic in the ‘museum’ of African hip-hop, because it started a revolution. Ruggedman started it, but he couldn’t keep up with it.
PThen groups from the North started springing up. There were the Thoroughbreds and then, the Trybesmen and Swat Root. From this golden age of Nigerian Rap music came tough lyricists, like Mode9, Overdose, Freestyle, Eldee, Illbliss, and more. They were able to show that, yes, rap could be good, even in Nigeria where we previously only had “figgiddy-wiggiddy”.

After that, came the solos. Saucekid (later, Sinzu) started gaining little traction with his mixtape. M.I came from Jos with his loopy boys to control the crowd. His album “Talk About It” became a classic, sold-out, and is regarded as the first rap album that went mainstream.

M.I Abaga paved the way for guys to come after. Ice Prince, the late Dagrin (who had a classic album before he died), Olamide, Phyno, and those after.

Today, while hip-hop isn’t exactly the toast of the town anymore, there are still a handful of guys doing the rap thing well. Guys like Olamide, Blaqbonez, Ajebo Hustlers, etc, are still very much keeping the art form alive.

Anyways, in all these years that have passed, there have undoubtedly been a lot of good guys who knew how to drop real bars, from every part of the country.

Now the question is 👇🏼

Who Is Your Favorite Nigerian Rapper Of All Time?

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