LET’S SETTLE THIS!! Did Wizkid Help Tems Or Did They Help Each Other?

LET’S SETTLE THIS!! Did Wizkid Help Tems Or Did They Help Each Other?

Wizkid has been on a roll since he released “Made in Lagos” in October of 2020.
He has broken records, set records, both locally and internationally. It’s crazy because his previous album before this wasn’t well-received by fans who thought it sounded too foreign.

“Made in Lagos” is kind of the same style, but it gained the attention of the world. It became so hot, that Nigerians literally didn’t have any other choice than to listen to it.

Before we knew it, it had become quite the hit all over the country too. It even edged out all other albums released around the same time (“Twice As Tall,” for instance).

But all that success probably wouldn’t have been possible without the major hit track on the album, “Essence.” That song alone has more streams than many albums and has been nominated for a Grammy. It recently won “Best Collaboration” at the BET, giving Wizkid his fourth BET, and Tems and Justin Beiber their firsts.

“Essence” has been a major hit and two years on from its initial release as part of MIL, it’s still a topic of conversation in music circles.

This time, it’s trending because of a Tweet someone made yesterday saying Wizkid may have helped Tems with “Essence” but Tems also helped him. That remark wasn’t taken lightly on Twitter, especially by Wizkid fans who thought it was very disrespectful to say Tems did anything to help Wizkid.

Did Tems Really Help Wizkid?

It’s true that “Essence” is the biggest single on the album and that without the song, “Made in Lagos” might not be the hit that it is.

But one thing we’re gonna have to consider is that it is a Wizkid song. It could’ve been anyone else on that song. Teni, Tiwa Savage, Seyi Shay, even Beyonce. Wizkid knows them all and decides to put Tems on it. That was his idea. Tems couldn’t have possibly forced him to feature her.

That said, would anyone else have performed as well as Tems on the song? Probably not. But then we’ll never know, right? As a matter of fact, the original “Essence” didn’t exactly catch on until the Justin Bieber remix came. So, if anyone helped Wizkid here, it’s Justin Bieber, not Tems.

Another reason why it’s silly to think Tems did anything to help Wizkid because of “Essence” is because everything “Essence” won, Wizkid already has.

He’s been on the Billboard before, he’s won a BET before, he’s won Artist of the Year before, he’s charted on the Billboard World Albums before. Literally everything. So how can a new artist like Tems help Wizkid get the things he already has?

I’m just saying, while people are trying to make this a 50/50 thing, if anybody helped anybody here, it was Big Wiz that helped Tems. She’s since gone on to do songs with Future and Drake (Wizkid has worked with both artists since way back in 2016.)

Is there anything Wizkid got with “Essence” that he didn’t already have before? No. But we can’t say the same for Tems.

Any day anytime I will say Tems didn’t help Wizkid. She can’t. She doesn’t have what it takes to be of any help to Wizkid’s blossoming career. If she wants to be a partaker of Big Wiz’s grace, that’s okay.

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