Kizz Daniel’s “Buga” Music Video Hits 5 Million Streams In 2 Days — Fake Streams Or Not?

Kizz Daniel’s “Buga” Music Video Hits 5 Million Streams In 2 Days — Fake Streams Or Not?

Kizz Daniel’s song, “Buga” is turning out to be a much bigger menace than most people thought it could be.
Released a couple of months back, the song which featured Tekno is one of the classic Kizz Daniel highlife bops. It’s only a matter of time before it upends songs like “Fvck You” and “Jaho” to be his biggest song ever. Actually, maybe it already has.

After a while of the song creeping up on charts and staying, they finally put out a music video for it. The video, shot by the one and only TG Omori, is a beauty.

More than anything though, the video has become a talking point because of just how many views it has raked in, in just a number of days.

First, it was TG Omori himself who posted a screenshot of the video at 5.5M views in 2 days. Those numbers are so huge that even TG was surprised.

You know who else was surprised? Everybody. So if the people who are supposedly watching the video ate surprised that the video has that many streams, are those numbers really real? Have five million people really clicked on Kizz Daniel’s music video because they like the song? Or is there something else behind the huge numbers?

It could be one of three things. The first is that the streams are actually real and Kizz Daniel is the biggest artist in Nigeria right now. The second is, that perhaps Kizz Daniel is enhancing the video with Ads on YouTube. Artists like Davido have done this in the past and it works. The last one, which is very unlikely though, is that the streams are simply fake.

There is no question that “Buga” is a big hit. But is it that big? It’s already garnered 7.5M and it’s just four days. What would it do in a month? 50M, maybe?

He also has another video up, a lyric video for the song. The video is one month old and already has 18M views. These are huge numbers for real. Does anyone think “Buga” is that big?

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