JUST IN!!! Panic As Fuel Scarcity Hits Kaduna

JUST IN!!! Panic As Fuel Scarcity Hits Kaduna

There was panic among residents and motorists as fuel scarcity hit several filling stations in Kaduna State and its environs on Monday.
Several fuel stations visited on Monday by a witness were under lock and key with long queues of motorists.

Following this, commercial motorcycles, buses have hiked transport fares by 50 percent.

A resident, Madam Ashatu Suleiman, said she paid N150 from Sabon Tasha to Kaduna Central market, where she sells foodstuff.

According to her, as she was returning this evening, she paid N200.
It was also observed that transportation fare from Kaduna to Zaria has increased to N1,000 instead of N800.

Many have feared that the fuel scarcity in the state was due to Kogi flooding which did not allow fuel trucks easy passage.

However, the station Manager of Enyoojo filling station, Mr. Samuel Ebiko, said the fuel scarcity in Kaduna station has nothing to do with the Kogi flood.

According to him, the station is expecting the arrival of two tankers of fuel within the next 12 hours.

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