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Top 5 Job Websites in Nigeria for Legitimate Job Opportunities

Job Websites in Nigeria: Have wondered why people apply for jobs year to year without success? Not because the resorted to fake jobsites, but most times, they fail to get into the right hub for the career information they seek.

Are you new to job hunting in Nigeria, or searching for better jobs from your office desks? There are few sites to try today.

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Honesty applying for jobs in Nigeria and expecting one can be very frustrating, most especially when you don’t have a Federal or State contact in your family of friends list.


But there is another fact not told. There are always enough slots for qualified candidates in any Federal or State government job listing, to be competed for.

And no matter how competitive these jobs may appear to be, you should read the tactics to applying and getting these jobs with ease.

On this post, you will learn beyond the legitimate job websites in Nigeria, because there more to getting a job in Nigeria to just knows the sites. One if these insights include the nature of jobs you can get from these job websites in Nigeria.


Opportunities you can trap via Job Websites in Nigeria include:


Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria

These job opportunities are always thrown open to the general public who quality for the offers. These are those that meet up with the criteria mapped for that particular job application.

Such jobs include opening from NSCDC, NAFDAC, Federal Ministries, and Military Jobs etc. Most of these Federal Government Jobs are often competitive and require early applications in order to stand better chance of being employed.

You can also read: How to apply and Get Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria.


Non-government Jobs in Nigeria (and others from International Organizations)

Apart from jobs from the Federal or State government, there are more career opportunities from private or joint NGOs, International Organizations like the UNICEF and the WHO.

Job Opportunities by States State government, companies in some States, Ministries and other may require a certain labour force and the websites in Nigeria for jobs might have the right information.



Here are top Job websites in Nigeria


Can I get Jobs online? Here is how to achieve that

Here are jobs you can apply for and possibly get shortlisted without any element of doubt as to the legitimacy and source.


And by the end of this post, we believe that the solutions to the questions “how can I apply for or get Jobs online” will be provided.


But before we dig faster into this nature of jobs, it will interest you to know that even as you’ve been fed with the notion that there is no legitimate job online, people are blessed daily on the contrary.


Previously, we shared some tips on how to apply and get shortlisted for Federal job opportunities in Nigeria. But on this page, you will see in details, those examples of jobs you can apply for.

Do you Know the History of Job Websites in Nigeria?

Yes, I guess.

Time before today, employers of labour Publish job vacancies via mediums like newspapers, radios and television stations.

Of course, gone are those days.

Apart from shortcomings facing these methods of advertising job vacancies, it was very expensive.

Literally every job is now published online for qualified candidates, and most organizations chose this path to minimize cost.

Where to get these Jobs online?


Last few days, we published a post about the most trusted job websites in Nigeria, where you can apply for jobs and expect not to me mislead.


You can check the list here. But note that the scope of this post doesn’t cover the fact above.


How to get Jobs in Nigeria


Do you still as the question, how do I get Jobs online?


The right question should be, where and what kinds of job can we get online.


But the answer is all.


Virtually, all possible and legitimate vacancies are published from one Portal or the other.


The days of radio advertisement, television and other traditional means of running ads for jobs is over.


Employers of labour only utilize the simpler and the most affordable. And that’s the web pages you see.

So the next time you see openings via any of the job websites in Nigeria, you don’t need to hesitate, so far the site not scam oriented.


How can I get Jobs Online? Here are 5 Simple Facts.


You weren’t Timely 

Legitimate job vacancies are always very competitive.

And most times, the managers of those web pages utilize the First Come First Serve Methodology.

In order to sought for and sand better chances of getting jobs in Nigeria, you need to tap into the competitiveness of the available opportunities.

Applying before others has ways of placing you before consideration lines amidst many other demanding criteria.

You Weren’t Honest 

Don’t fill a job application form with “I am 25 years old” just to meet up with the criteria and end up submitting a CV with age 28.

That is automatically a deadlock that ought to be avoided.

You Later Gave Up

Most of us ask that question, how can I get jobs online but fail to understand that application doesn’t end in a day.

Just for the fact that you applied for a job online and failed to meet up, doesn’t mean that jobs online are never legit.

If you are dedicated, applying for many times for different jobs might help you arrive at one, someday.


Most job recruitment websites do not stand for their words.


Most times job opportunities are posted in such sites to win Google ranking for jobs online in Nigeria.


But instead of wasting much time listening to what most of these sites has to say, here are our top 5 Most reliable Job websites for sourcing for jobs online in Nigeria.

Seek Update

Your ability to apply on time depends on the nature of information you consume.

You must not remain glued to these websites in order to get placement opportunities. You can subscribe too any of their Newsletters and be informed via your email on latest career opportunities.

What next with job-hunting?

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 Final Words for Jobseekers

It’s obvious that this post is not, in any way, a comprehensive information with regards job websites in Nigeria or the only career websites for Nigerians. But it’s a sure guide to the truth and real secrets of landing your dream jobs through legitimate online portals.

You’re expected to have learnt if you can get jobs online or not. But the most important thing is that, you need to get something right before applying for any of these job opportunities posed online.

Ultimately, don’t be held back my myths and unnecessary assumptions. Jobs are meant for everyone that is eligible. And even though the system has been corrupt before now, you can still be favoured.


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