Is Young Jonn The Answer To Chocolate City’s Problems?

Is Young Jonn The Answer To Chocolate City’s Problems?

Chocolate City has spent the most of the past decade struggling.
From battle with artists, to experimenting with careers, to finding it hard to launch the careers of talented artists, most of the label’s work on the scene has failed.

Brymo’s exit really did usher in the CC stress. After the Brymo exit, the record label, once the most promising in the industry began to crumble, and what came after was a lot of exits leaving gaps no one could fill. Soon, there was no Brymo, no Ice Prince, and Chocolate City as we knew it was no more.

Around that time, M.I Abaga became President and a lot of restructuring happened. Under the leadership of M.I, it wasn’t clear what was going to happen to Choc City. They played around with the idea of Koker and Dice Ailes.

When that didn’t work, they sought to revive hip-hop by making the M.I, Loose Kaynon, A-Q, and Blaqbonez collaboration a real thing. They even made albums.

It was all right, but the whole thing ended with M.I leaving and Audu Maikori, the founder, taking the reins again. Surely, a lot of things must have gone wrong for that to happen.

Chocolate City’s most important artist right now is Blaqbonez. But for how long can they feed off the guy? How long before he wants to leave and do his things on his own? So, no you cannot rebuild a label around an old artist. You need someone new, someone fresh. That’s where Young Jonn comes in.

Young Jonnj had experience and has already made a name for himself in the industry, so if what he has to offer is good, it shouldn’t be hard to get off the ground.

For one, I think it will take more than Young Jonn to revive Chocolate City and take it back to its glory days.

But there’s no denying if there’s any record label with a chance at revival, it’s Chocolate City. Because their artists can operate on levels where they don’t have to wear the CC brand on their heads allowing for artistic independence and uniqueness in a way.

Young Jonn is finding his feet and his debut EP, “Love Is Not Enough” was okay. They’re currently promoting his first single, “Dada” and have even gone ahead to make a remix featuring Davido.

Watch out, this just might be the beginning of another era where Chocolate City, Mavins, and YBNL will field artists that will top the game!

Young Jonn is good for it though, no?

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