Is Mayorkun’s “Certified Loner” The Best Song He’s Done Since 2020?

Is Mayorkun’s “Certified Loner” The Best Song He’s Done Since 2020?

Mayorkun is one of those artists who can never make a bad song.
The guy is so freaking talented that even when he does normal average stuff it still sounds better than many hits from other artists. He’s a good guy and shout-out to Davido for putting him on, for real!

That’s six years now, though. And he’s been going hard. The key to his success has been consistency, really. Plus his talent, of course. But that talent wouldn’t amount to much if he wasn’t consistent. He is, though, and that’s why he’s still a very much relevant part of the music industry.

In 2020, he had the whole country on chokehold and got himself an Artiste of Year nod alongside Wizkid, Davido, and others. That year, he went up the ranks and since then, the standards for him have been pretty high.

That high standard is a blessing and a curse, though. Because it meant that soon enough, people would start calling his normal songs “mid.” He was still able to pull a couple of mild hits (“Let Me Know,” “Back In Office”) but his last album was slept on.

Mayorkun is that guy, though. He won’t stop. I bet not all the negative energy in the world can get him to stop trying. Last week, he came through with another one, “Certified Loner (No Competition)” which should be an instant hit by any standards.

The numbers are looking pretty good, too. But this is really a song that has that Mayorkun energy that people fell in love with. “Certified Loner” has all the elements of a hit. A good chorus, an exception hook, exceptional verses, a simple instrumental, and his original unique voice. I mean, you really can’t do better than that, honestly.

“Certified Loner” is a perfect example of what Mayorkun has been trying to do with the amapiano sound for over a year. Any way you look at it, it’s a good song. And that Banky W sample on it is just perfect!

This just might be the best Mayorkun has been since that lockdown wave.

Rating: 8/10

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