Is It Too Early For Asake To Drop An Album?

Is It Too Early For Asake To Drop An Album?

Everywhere from the streets to social media, Asake is the rave of the moment.
He’s the new wave and he’s the latest sensation. That comes with its own pressure as people expect him to keep coming with more heats. But between his debut late last year and now, he’s released just enough songs if we’re being honest.

Luckily for him, most of them have been hits and that has worked in his favor. The bitter truth, though, is that the fact that he’s made hits doesn’t mean he’s any better than the next guy. So, at some point, he still has to chill and play by the rules too.

The thing is, if he keeps dropping at this rate, he might run out of hits. Already fans have roasted him for warming his songs and reusing the same beats and the same formula. I won’t be surprised if after a while people just get tired of vibing to his numerous “Sungba” remixes.

As is the YBNL tradition though, there’s already talks about an album. Yes, Asake is already working on a full-length project and it may hit the stores as early as this year.

Naturally, we should be excited because this means more music from the talented artist who has had the whole country on chokehold for half a year. For sure, that’s more hits for the guy.

But I can’t be the only one that’s thinking about the possibility of oversaturation. For one, he’s no Fireboy so his album is not going to be doing R&B and afrobeats and hip-hop all together on one project.

It’s most likely just going to be the same street stuff he did on his “Ololade Asake” EP. That’s cool, yeah. But imagine doing all that for one hour over 12 songs. Bound to get boring, especially since all his other hits are still all over the place.

Anyway, I think Asake should cool down for now. He could do another EP towards the end of the year and release an album later next year, with a standard rollout.

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