Is Davido Ready To Make His Comeback Now?

Is Davido Ready To Make His Comeback Now?

Any day now we would have a new Davido album on our hands and for what it’s worth, this might be the project that changes things for the man.
Everyone who has heard of his return and that he’s going to start the rollout of his fourth studio album had received the news with a certain optimism. The reason for this optimism is the fact that Davido, for a while now has been going through a rough patch.

For one, Davido has never been an album person. It took the man seven years to come up with a sophomore (a second album). That is considerably more time than it takes other artists to follow up a successful debut. For Davido, it’s a different game.

For seven years, he wasn’t under any pressure to release any project. He was riding on the waves of his singles and collaborations, shutting down shows with it, signing deals with it, topping charts with it, doing wonders. Until 2019.

2019 came and with a lot of activities from other artists, Davido decided it was time to release his long-awaited second album. He called it “A Good Time” and released it close to the end of the year.

The album, for what it’s worth, was solid. Apparently, that’s as solid as a Davido album can be. The album wasn’t just critically acclaimed. It was commercially successful, owing to the chart-topping singles on the project.

After the success of “A Good Time,” though, the pressure to do something else fast increased. Add that to the Burna Boy situation (Burna really had every top artist fearing for their relevance after the Grammy saga).

Davido wanted to do a third album, and he wanted to do it in less than a year. But it wasn’t going to be easy. First, he’s not an album person. He’s not someone like Olamide, for example. Secondly, he’s going to be dropping his album in the same year as Wizkid, Olamide, and Burna Boy. There’s no way that could have been easy. It was a sick bet. He took it.

“A Better Time” had mixed reviews, but it is interesting to note that even though it is just as good a project as “A Good Time,” it wasn’t as acclaimed as the 2019 release.

People forgot about that album too fast and moved on. Davido has now moved on from it too, even while Wizkid continues to ride the wave of his own 2020 project.

Since “A Better Time,” I think it’s safe to say Davido has had a rough time, as he’s been unable to put out anything noteworthy and has had to look over his shoulders because of what his peers are doing. But take all that downtime, focus on the music and you just might come up with something.

The point is, Davido is coming back. This weekend, he’ll release the first single off his currently-untitled fourth studio album and this has made everyone hopeful again. If there’s anyone who deserves a successful comeback, it’s Davido. Whether he’s gonna get it or not will depend on the music.

But I’m willing to take a bet on the man that this is going to be a successful comeback and he just might release the best album this year. Well, what do y’all think?

Do You Think Davido Will Make A Successful Comeback This Time?

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