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“I can’t marry a man with small D…… My bag can buy you a decent car” — Vera Sidika rants

Her latest is putting her haters on a blast, by claiming that she’s living the life they all wished for, while they keep on hating.

Writing on her Instagram yesterday, the Kenyan socialite posted a photo of her latest purchase- a Chanel bag that costs a whopping £3,990. The post didn’t sit well with some followers and they attempted to mock her for being a spendthrift.

But Vera, who never shies away from speaking her mind, was not deterred by the comments.

“Dear Haters; This small bag cost me £3,990 $5,200 ksh.520,000, 10 million Tanzanian Shillings, about 1.8 million Naira,” she said, adding, “In short, it can buy you a decent car💁”

Only days ago, the Kenyan socialite explained why she would never settle for a man with small penis.

“Truth [is] I can never marry a nigga with a tiny dick. I can manage it for a few months if we date but never settling down with a kibamia,” she began in the long rant.

“Tiny dicks are a struggle for big booty women. On doggy style, the microscopic banana will just be hanging on ass cheeks instead of getting in. If it succeeds to get in, it keeps sliding off coz ass cheeks too big for it,” she continued.

Well, Vera is here again, speaking her mind. And for folks this pisses off, she has one for them: “Yes I said it. Come and beat me.”

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