HOW TRUE IS THIS?? Tems Has Been Carrying Wizkid Since 2020

HOW TRUE IS THIS?? Tems Has Been Carrying Wizkid Since 2020

Wizkid has been on a roll since he released “Made in Lagos” in 2020.
He has broken records, set records, both locally and internationally. It’s crazy because his previous album before this wasn’t well-received by fans who thought it sounded too foreign.

“Made in Lagos” is kind of the same style, but it gained the attention of the world. It became so hot, that Nigerians literally didn’t have any other choice than to listen to it.

Before we knew it, it had become quite the hit all over the country too. It even edged out all other albums released around the same time (“A Better Time,” for instance).

But all of that success probably wouldn’t have been possible without the major hit track on the album, “Essence.” That song alone has more streams than many albums and has been nominated for a Grammy. It was recently even nominated for a BET Award.

This has made many people (especially rival fans) say that “Essence” carried the whole album. That would of course mean that Tems has been carrying Wizkid the whole time. Since the song “Essence” couldn’t have been what it is today without Tems’ contribution to it.

Also, Wizkid tried to promote some other songs from the album, including “Ginger,” “No Stress,” and “True Love,” but they’ve not become major hits like “Essence.”

Add that to the fact that Tems is now getting more accolades by working with Drake and Future and you might actually have a solid argument that Wizkid’s wave is all thanks to her.

It’s not a crazy line of thought at all if you consider that if you take away “Essence,” you take away almost half of MIL’s numbers. And the awards and charts will probably reduce too.

So has Tems been doing the heavy lifting as they’ve been saying or Wizkid would have done it without her anyway?

What do y’all think?

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