How Dangote’s Daughter Snatched Rukky Sanda’s Lover And Married Him

How Dangote’s Daughter Snatched Rukky Sanda’s Lover And Married Him

Dangote’s daughter, Fatima Dangote, has been accused of snatching her husband, Abubaka Jamil, from actress, Rukky Sanda.
This accusation was made by Instagram blogger, Cutie Juls.

According to Cutie, Rukky was dating Jamil before he married Fatima, however, Fatima allegedly snitched on Rukky in order to snatch Jamil.

Cutie revealed that Fatima exposed Rukky’s alleged dirty past with one of Dangote’s friends. This angered Jamil who dumped her (Rukky) for Fatima.

She wrote;

Yesterday, we posted Ruky and most of you were saying “why she never marry, bla bla bla”

Where were you all when Dangote’s daughter snatched Jamil from Ruky?

Uncle Dangote’s daughter used gossip as tactics to overthrow Ruky permanently as per Ruky been involved with one of Uncle Dangote’s friends in the past

Abeg, people free Ruky. After Jamil, Ruky is yet to jam a young successful bachelor as clean as Jamil

Dangote’s daughter ended up as Jamil’s wife and they are living “happily ever after.

Jamil sef get red eye

I’m sure God will soon come through for Ruky

Fatima Dangote and Abubakar Jamil tied the knots in a star studded wedding ceremony on the 24th of March, 2018 at the Eko Hotels and Suites.

The wedding was attended by those who matter around the world including Bill Gates. A video of Davido’s uncle, Senator Adeleke singing to Davido’s Gimme The Money, at the wedding went viral, making it a wedding worth remembering.

How Dangote’s Daughter ALLEGEDLY Snatched Rukky Sanda’s Lover And Married Him

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