Five Things To Expect From Olamide’s Next Album, “Unruly”

Five Things To Expect From Olamide’s Next Album, “Unruly”

If everything goes as planned, Olamide’s thirteenth and possibly final studio album should get a 2022 release.
The album set to be called “Unruly” is supposed to be the last body of work Olamide does before he stops making projects altogether.

While there’s a lot of doubt about whether he’s really going to stop making music or not, the album is confirmed and for sure, whatever happens, “Unruly” will definitely hit the stores in the coming months.

There is not a lot of information on the forthcoming project out there, but Olamide claims to be almost done with the album which means all that’s left is a rollout and then the release.

As we await the project, here are five things I think fans should expect from the album.

1. Major Collabos
“Unruly” is going to be more like “Baddest Guy Ever Liveth” and less like “Eyan Mayweather.” You don’t have to be a prophet to know that.

Olamide doesn’t call an album “Unruly” and WandeCoal will be the only featured artist. That’s just not possible. At least we should expect a Phyno collabo, and a couple of other singers and rappers.

Whatever this album is, it’s sure that there’s gonna be some major collaborations coming along. “Hate Me” is just the beginning.

2. Rap
Unlike “UY Scuti,” this album will definitely have more hip-hop content. Maybe not a lot of street stuff, but definitely some rap.

If there’s ever any chance that this might be his last album, then the man would wanna bring back that old Baddo flow one last time.

3. Fewer Hits
Olamide is a serial hitmaker and he has been for most of his career. He has more hits than anybody else and still has the energy to continue to deliver.

But even with that, Olamide isn’t trendy anymore. There is no guarantee that he would be able to replicate the “Carpe Diem” magic.

If anything, we should expect “Unruly” to have fewer hits than most of his other projects. “Hate Me” has underperformed and most of his other singles probably will too.

4. YBNL 3.0
At the very least, he should put some of his guys on the album. There should be Asake, Jayboi, and probably Fireboy.

If there’s any other artist he’s looking to sign right now, he’s probably going to feature that artist on the album to give him—or her—some shine.

5. Longer Tracklist
Olamide’s last two albums have had twelve and ten tracks, and a very shorter duration than he usually does.

With “Unruly,” Olamide would probably return to that The Glory era vibe and give us a longer project of something like sixteen or seventeen tracks.

Especially if he’s expected to have a good number of features on the album.

Well, that’s all. Now a quick question 👇🏼

Do You Think “Unruly” Will Truly Be Olamide’s Last Album?

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