Exclusive: Timaya Attacks Former Manager, Nnamdi

When Timaya released visual for his new song “telli person”, featuring rappers, Olamide and Phyno; the entire entertainment media missed out on a key diss in the song and concentrated on the beef between Phyno and Huspuppi that was well brought to the fore in the new video.

What did the media miss? Timaya once had a manager called Prince Nnamdi , a tall handsome hunk and they have parted ways, and insiders say Timaya parted ways with him because he got carried away with rich women who flogged around him due to his looks and the fame and fortunes that comes from being Timaya’s manager. Our inside source say Timaya warned him countless times before letting him go.

Now the second line of the first verse of the song Timaya seem to be calling out his former manager and laughing at him for busying himself with women instead of working, when he sang “Brother Nnamdi, all your friends dey work; your own na samankwe (eh) (Samankwe) from our research “samankwe” is a slang for having sex.

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