Entertainment Can Zinoleesky Really Kill Buju On His Own Track?


Can Zinoleesky Really Kill Buju On His Own Track?

Last week, we were supposed to have the remix to Buju’s track, “Kilometer” featuring Zinoleesky but we never got it.
BNXN blamed it on technical issues that arose as he was trying to share the music or whatever but the fans didn’t believe it.

Instead, fans thought the reason he was withholding the song is because Zino must have outdone him on the track and he doesn’t want to release it without re-recording his own part.

I probably don’t need to tell anybody about how good Zino is. The guy is so good he has never been outdone on any track, either his or the one he was featured on, not even by maestros like Mayorkun. So, yeah he’s good. But is he good enough to make BNXN scared?

One fact is, Buju himself is very good too and he is known for actually taking people’s song and turning it into his own. But recently, it started to look like the Buju charm is fading.

First, Pheelz outdid him on “Finesse” and that wasn’t a good look at all. A producer enlists you and then does better than you on the track? That was never supposed to happen to Buju.

Also, he released a song last week called “For Days” and that song is nothing to write home about. Now, this either means BNXN is going through a tiny rough patch and will be out in no time. Or, he’s not as good as people thought.

If it’s the second one, then there’s a good chance Zinoleesky would murder him on any given track. But it’s probably not. Because I don’t believe Buju can sing alongside Timaya and 2Baba but now he’s just not got the juice to flow alongside Zino?

We’ll probably get the track soon enough. After all, technical issues get solved.

Anyway, what do y’all think?

Do You Think Zino Can Murder Buju On His Own Song?

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