My biography, my birth name is Chinecherem, English name is Victor and well popular known as Beadoski mpananssuka,

I’m from Isiagu ogurogu ibagwa Aka community at igbo-Eze south local government of Nssuka in Enugu State,

I was born at my community in Isiagu Ogurogu Ibagwa Aka, my parents give birth to three(3) children name are,
(1) Victor Ugwuanyi
(2) Patience Ugwuanyi
(3) Shadrach Ugwuanyi
I grew up at Taraba State, where I had my life experience at school academic level in peva chanchanji Takum local government Taraba state.
I was later graduated in my secondary school named Andrew Terfa Academy.

and for my both parents that are not alive, may there soul rest in peace and still thanking God more expecialy to my late parents my Dad and to my Mum, whom by the grace, made me to be on earth.
I can’t also wait to say great thanks to my friends, well wishes and to my loved ones on my first time EP album in life which is comprises of three tracks listed as:
(1)African Terminator
(2) Coded ft Paraclete
(3) Happy

And what gives me the inspiration and motivation of making this album is that when I was on the step to move on ahead my good, then two friends whom I always be with them as my best of friends and also my fellow artist, on a very good day me and my two friends have being on music practice for many years, but it’s happened on a happy day I Beadoski were invited to a music show in university for matric performance with my two friends, when we are on the matric in university for music performance and it happened I win the best performance on the competition placed on that very day, suddenly I was announced as the winner, then could you believe that my two friends, were with anger and envy in their heart, they planed all to kill me, but suddenly they couldn’t, because I’m always prepared myself for any problem that will come up, and when they discovered the force affliction I moved on them immediately they all run away and left me then from there, I saw myself as a winner this particular issues and before this incident should take place I saw it in the dream but I thought is an ordinary dream but later happened real, then from there I saw myself as a winner of this problem I faced, that for the fact I terminate them and they all run away, I’m now named (AFRICAN TERMINATOR) and makes me to believe that not only by me defending myself from those who want to harm me, but to also be the king of African music, as a terminator. The EP was produced by Kingzyonthebeateh.


DOWNLOAD-Beadoski-ft-Paraclete-Coded.mp3 (206 downloads )

DOWNLOAD-Beadoski-Happy.mp3 (207 downloads )

DOWNLOAD-Beadoski-African-Terminator.mp3 (603 downloads )


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