Does Fave Really Have Potential Or Is She Just Another One-Hit Wonder?

Does Fave Really Have Potential Or Is She Just Another One-Hit Wonder?

Even with the success of her romantic tune, “Baby Riddim,” Fave is still far from what she can actually become.
First gaining momentum with her contribution to Olamide’s “UY Scuti” album earlier this year, she has been praised for her powerful voice and vocal capacity, as well as her lyrical abilities.

It’s safe to say that before “Baby Riddim” became a viral hit and an absolute stunner late last year, nobody exactly knew Fave.

But Fave is very good. She has the kind of vibe you’ll call ‘mature.’ Even when she’s saying those mushy juvenile-sounding stuff, you can feel it in her voice that she’s one mature lady with an energy that cannot be matched. Whether she’s 21 0r 25, it doesn’t really matter.

But it’s been months now since she had that hit and we’re expecting a follow-up even though none seems to be forthcoming. She has released an EP but has not been able to make another hit.

Maybe she’s one of those artists that we shouldn’t judge based on the number of hits they have. But the fact that she did it one time already means if she does something right, she can do it again.

This is not the first time in the industry when an artist has come and disturbed the place with a big hit though and has failed to follow up with anything better. Remember Di’ja?

Fave seems to be good at what she does, but that won’t be enough if she’s to be here for a while. You’re gonna need more than one hit and a Rookie of the Year nomination if you’re going to become the next Tiwa Savage.

For now, she’s still a one-hit-wonder. But does she have the potential to make another raving hit like “Baby Riddim”? That’s the million-dollar question.

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