DO YOU AGREE?? Adulthood Is A Scam

DO YOU AGREE?? Adulthood Is A Scam

Is adulthood a scam?
To some, yes it is a scam, while to others, Life itself is a scam!

Being able to take decisions on your own, having your day going by without been yelled at or/and earning your own money all feel great. But sometimes one can’t help it but wonder why being an adult is so hard.

There are a lot of things that you could do when you were younger that you can’t do now that you’re an adult.

Remember when you were a youngster, playing games with your pals, eating and sleeping outside, unaware of the harshness and perils of the world?

Nothing is as dependable as it used to be; back in the day, all you had to worry about was managing your small allowance, but now your earnings are lost in a sea of expenses before you even see them!

Is it true that becoming an adult entails being a jerk in life? Is it necessary to be solemn all of the time, to manage family problems, to have children, and so on?

What do you think?

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