DO YOU AGREE?? A Jobless Girl Doesn’t Deserve A Boyfriend

DO YOU AGREE?? A Jobless Girl Doesn’t Deserve A Boyfriend

To substantiate her argument that “Jobless and broke” girls don’t deserve a man, Facebook user Favour Onwukwe has resorted to the social media network to post an epistle.
According to the recent Delta State Polytechnic alumna, broke girls have no business having fancy taste. She believes that those who are unemployed and indolent and have a high tatse are greedy.

M I became popular in 2006 after his hit song “Crowd Mentality” became popular in Jos his home town.

She wrote;

“I made a post yesterday concerning broke and jobless ladies with high taste and some ladies said all sorts of things concerning my innocent advice to men,some even went as far as coming to my inbox to interview me on why I like provoking my fellow ladies with my posts,others ask me if am a motivational speaker, I told them that am not a motivational speaker but just one out of the many voices on social media,…. Now,let’s face the truth,how can you be broke and jobless and still have expensive taste on another person’s pocket? Some ladies will go and park all their friends at the mention of going out with a guy,and they are really sure that they don’t have one kobo with them ,thereby,putting the guy in an unnecessary shame and stress,some even go as far as ordering for pepper soup,fried rice,roasted chicken,shawamar,suya and anything they remembered,the most annoying part is that she will just take one spoon out of the whole things that she ordered and pretend that she is full and can’t eat more,forgetting that it is someone’s else money that it is,simply because, she is not the one that is paying for all those things, even some that them or their father can’t afford to buy them #500 slippers,can go as far as calling someone’s son broke and stingy, because he didn’t buy her the one of hundred thousand as she demanded from him,making me to believe that laziness and joblessness comes with greed,why request what you know that you cannot pay for? Like many Lady here thought, am not seeking for attention or a husband here because am married already, but truth most be told whether bitter or sad,stop ordering for things that you know that you can’t afford, let it come willingly from his heart if he wants to give you,when your brother gives much to such ladies you call it that she has bewitch your brother, but when you are ordering him to buy you car& gold,you call it luck,you are advising your brothers to stay away from pocket suckers,am advising them the same.#sadtruth#”

Are you also of the school of thought that broke people don’t deserve orgasm? Do you think poor people, irrespective of their gender do not deserve to find love?

What do you think?

A Jobless Girl Doesn’t Deserve A Boyfriend – DO YOU AGREE?

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